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Youth Motivational Speaker and Specialist

Regina ColeyHello I’m Regina E. Coley and I am a proud Youth Development Practitioner and Speaker.  I help school administrators, parents, and teachers inspire their children to plan for and commit to their futures so that they understand the purpose of their decisions today.
Coming from a family of educators, I too jumped into the field of Education with the intention of changing lives. It was during this time that I discovered the needs of youth and their families, and saw the need to extend learning and empowerment beyond the classroom. Having benefited from being involved in girls empowerment programs, having mentors, and having a very strong support system I know the value of being inspired.
Extending my passion for working with youth, especially girls, I founded Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc.-a nonprofit organization providing leadership development training for girls and young women.  I host the Leading Ladies of Legacy Girls Empowerment Conference, an annual empowerment conference for girls held here in Atlanta, GA. 
One of my proudest accomplishments was being named one of Atlanta’s 40 under 40 Leaders by the New Leaders Council! Another one of my proudest moments was the moment I became a mother! Now I have soon to be six beautiful children whose future means the world to me and as a parent I want to make sure that I am utilizing every resource available to me to support my children’s futures.
I am a proud graduate of Howard University and I enjoy using my knowledge of Education and experience as a teacher to guide, inspire, and empower audiences to focus on their futures. I call young people to discover their purpose and walk boldly down that path. 
I look forward to connecting with you and working together to build a positive and purpose filled future for our youth!

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Still Want to Know More? Check Out These Fun Facts About Me!

  • Loves, loves, loves Hazelnut Coffee!
  • Is addicted to watching Law and Order.
  • Attended an all girls boarding school for high school
  • Loves, loves, loves timed puzzle computer games
  • Is frequently found shopping in New York and Company (especially on a sale day!)
  • Would travel to New Zealand in a heartbeat!
  • Has been an entreprenuer since the age of 10
  • Is a mother of soon to be six sweet little children (three daughters, two sons)
  • Is pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Clark Atlanta University