Called to Cultivate™ Masterclass

12 Called to Cultivate™ Masterclass Training Lessons

Now I know you didn’t think I’d give you access to all 12 lessons at once, did you?! I want you to remain focused on one area of your business at a time and not experience overwhelm so each module will be emailed to you to ensure that.

You’ll receive your class content dripped to you every week! So log back in each week for your new module (released every Sunday night at midnight)

At the very last week of class, you’ll receive access to all videos, audios, templates, and workbooks because you have lifetime access to this class including any updates that are made.

Last Updated: 10/01/2018

Begin Pre-Work

Activate Week 1

Activate Week 2

Activate Week 3

Activate Week 4

Activate Week 5

Activate Week 6

Activate Week 7

Activate Week 8

Activate Week 9

Activate Weeks 10-12

3 LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls with Regina (Including Program Reviews & LIVE critiques)

Calls will be conducted during Week 1, Week 5, and Week 9. 

Since we have students starting the masterclass at various times please be sure to check your email for the specific call-in details. Recordings of the calls will be available 24 hours after each live call date and sent to your email. Be sure to get on the calls LIVE so that I can take your questions and we can chat live.

Upcoming Calls

Recordings will be posted soon

Step-by-Step Workbooks + Templates

All workbooks and templates will be available on each module page for your reference and use. I suggest printing them and storing them in a binder (a pretty green one if you can!).


How I Started My Girls Mentoring Program Course (valued at $47) Individual Access Codes sent via email

Two Private Clarity Call Sessions With Me (valued at $100) Schedule at

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