Letter To Your Younger Self Project

handwritingIf you knew better you’d do better, right? That’s what our young people deal with everyday. They make mistakes or carry regrets because they simply didn’t know better or they didn’t understand the consequences of their actions.

They didn’t have the luxury of having people share honest truths about their experiences. Sometimes people are ashamed of sharing their experiences for fear of being judged but it’s critical for our young people to know that there are situations they might find themselves in, that there are people who’ve been in them before, and there is another side!

They need to know that there are overcomers and that everyone’s story isn’t clean and perfect. They need genuine, authentic, transparent, honest individuals who are willing to help infiltrate their minds with stories of resilience and strength.

There are sometimes that we wish we could go back and tell our younger selves what we know now to save ourselves from making poor choices or to have made a better choice. I decided to create the “Letter to Your Younger Self Project” to collect letters from people who have sat down and been very intentional about giving quality advice to themselves and compiling them into a book. So here’s what I need for you to do.

Take about 5-10 minutes and go to a quiet place. Take out a blank sheet of paper or take out your tablet or laptop and write a letter to your younger self. Write to the “you” that was rebellious, invincible, stubborn, and independent. (You know the “you” I’m talking about). Think back to the most challenging times in your life and share what it was like in that moment for you. What were you thinking and feeling? How did you come to your final decision? What was it like when you overcame that challenge?

Our youth need to hear your story! Once you’ve completed your letter please email to regina@reginacoley.com. If your letter is selected you will need to sign a release waiver to be included in the book.

I look forward to reading your letters and I thank you in advance for your commitment to empowering the lives of today’s youth.

How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
Luke 6:42

4 Ways To Make A Simple Transition Into Adulthood

Courtesy of Can Stock Photo

Courtesy of Can Stock Photo


Moving from high school into college or independence can be both an exciting and stressful time. Sure you can’t wait to finally be on your own but you may be trying to figure out how you’re going to do it all by yourself.

1. Decide on your career path. There are many adults who get to college and choose a major only to find out they have no interest in what they’ve been studying. Making such a critical choice at such a young age is difficult because what you like now will change over time. To assist you in making the right decision check out Career One Stop: Skills Profiler.

2. Choose a good college. College is the place where you’ll make lifelong friends, possibly find your spouse, begin your career, and learn more about yourself. With all that pressure wouldn’t you want to attend the best college possible that meets your needs? The number one thing you should look for is will Career Services help you find a job once you’re ready to graduate. I would hate for you to complete an educational program with the goal of securing employment only to receive not help in the end. When you visit your campus, make sure to visit their offices.

3. Find and keep a mentor. Transitions are moments of discovery and challenge. Having a mentor that can assist you through the process will help to keep you focused and on track so you won’t lose your way. I would recommend my Youth Mentoring Program 

4. Brush up on your skills. The US Department of Labor created a very nice curriculum which includes videos and PDF downloads entitled Soft Skills to Pay the Bills-Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success. I would suggest visiting their site and working through the curriculum to ensure you’re in tip top shape!

Web Tool to Engage Disconnected Youth

Check your approach. If that child doesn’t want to be in your group, assembly, or class, monitor your approach. It may be time to switch it up and meet them at their point of interests. Ask a simple question via text messaging where the kids get to use their phones to voice their opinions.

A cool app like Poll Everywhere will allow you to open up the conversation or give shout outs to one another. Check it out at http://www.polleverywhere.com/

This presentation was created from the powerful words of women who I feel are speaking to our black girls today. Listen to the words and take them to heart. This is your life and your story can and should be the beautiful tale of your determination, strength, and commitment to what you believe in!

How I got a 4.0 and How You Can Too

How I got a 4.0 and How You Can Too!
Earning a 4.0 has always been a major goal of mine. It was one that I didn’t take too seriously in undergrad, strived for with my Masters and finally achieved with my doctorate! It wasn’t something I was pressured to do but something I personally wanted to prove to myself that I could accomplish.
If you’re striving for excellence as well, here are a few tips to get you started!
1. FOCUS on one thing until successful. There is so much to be easily distracted by. We live in a world where there is so much information that’s it’s hard to focus on one thing. But to be successful and operate in excellence you must focus. That means work your work, until it works for you!
2. Turn off all electronics. You have to learn how to turn off the TV, not answer texts messages, and don’t peek at that funny Vine. When you’re trying to achieve excellence you have to work in an environment that allows you to give your assignment your complete attention. No distractions! Cut them off.
3. Get in your music groove. Music helps create a synergy to your work. Play something that’s not distracting like classical, jazz, or just the instrumentals to your favorite songs. It will help the time to go by much faster!
4. Set a timer. Don’t ever try to complete a big assignment in one sitting. Some people make the excuse of saying “I work really well under pressure”, which may be true, but it’s best to break your work up into bite sized pieces. Set a timer and allow yourself to work in 15 minute incremements. Be sure to give yourself a break in between!
5. Don’t forget to double check your work. Not just spell check, either!  Leave it for a day and come back and read it aloud to yourself or someone else. The largest docks on papers are spelling and grammar. Train yourself to pay attention to small details.
6. Read your textbook for 10 minutes per day. That’s not a huge time commitment. Play 3 of your favorite songs and you’re done! It will at least give you an idea of the information covered in the book so that you can contribute to class discussions, pass surprise quizzes, and perform better on tests without anxiety.
7. Attend all your classes. Class participation and attendance is a large part of your grade. Practice getting to your class five or ten minutes early. It’ll give you time to get adjusted and lay out your materials on your desk, turn your phone to vibrate, get a sip of water, and get focused.

Question: What’s one habit you’re going to try to closer to your 4.0?

4 Life Lessons I Learned From College

4 Life Lessons I Learned In College

Me on my graduation day from Howard University








1. You have to go seek opportunities, they won’t come for you. College is the land of opportunity if you look at it that way. Never again will you have access to so many individuals from all over the world and with so many different backgrounds all living and gathering in the same place. College is intended to not only gain an education but to gain wisdom. This is why it’s important to go to college with a set of goals, things you want to accomplish in your life over the next 5 years. Once you have that in mind you can look at your experiences with opportunistic eyes. Are you looking to start a business? Where are your clients? In a certain department? In a certain dorm? Are you looking for a mentor? Whose on your campus that’s doing what you plan to do in the upcoming years? You have to reach out and get what you want and deserve for your life. Nobody is going to be knocking on your dorm door offering everything to you because you’re cute or smart. It’s the same later on in life, so get used to it!

2. Keep a copy of everything you do and everyone you spoke to. People will lie on you to keep their jobs. They will say you didn’t speak to them or didn’t submit something to them just to make themselves look good. But one thing that can’t be lied upon is black and white paper! Keep a copy of everything you turn it. At the top right hand corner always write in pen when you submitted a document, who you spoke to, what date, what time, and in what format did you communicate. Keep everything in a small file folder box (Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533)
) and keep it near your desk area. Do the same with papers from work. Keep meticulous records, even of your bills. Having these systems in place now will save you plenty headaches later on in life.
3. People judge you by how you look and speak. People are judgmental. They don’t want to take time to get to you. They will place judgement on you simply by how you look. They will either respect you because you command respect or disrespect you because you don’t. Speak in a way that reflects your education and dress in a way that reflects integrity.
4. You’re going to have to deal with and work with people who are different than you. You will have to work with people who have different thoughts, views, religion, and sexual orientation than you. You will have to learn how to work in a collaboratively spirit with these people. In life you may not like everyone but you should show the same respect you expect to receive from them.

Question: What life lesson has college taught you?

The Wonderfully Made Girls Summit is an annual fall event whose purpose is to remind girls that they are all created unique and with a specific mission to carry out in their lifetime. 

Date: October 11, 2014
Time: 9:00-2:00 p.m.
Event: Wonderfully Made Conference
Topic: The Bold and The Brilliant
Sponsor: Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc.
Venue: Smyrna Community Center
Location: Smyrna, GA
Public: Public

Double Vals: The Keys To Success In College And Life Beyond (Austell: Carnegie Books, 2014)

I recently purchased this book from two phenomenal young ladies who attend my church Word of Faith in Austell, GA. These two beautiful ladies graduated as co-valeditorians of Spelman College with perfect 4.0s. Hearing their story and knowing how dedicated they are to ministry I felt like there was no excuse to why I couldn’t push myself to do the same. I am proud to say I currently hold a perfect 4.0 in my doctoral program at Clark Atlanta University where I’m studying Educational Leadership and Administration.

As I’m reading this book I’ve learned how they did it. There story is amazing and inspirational and every young person looking to excel in college and life should pick up a copy!

About The Book


Discover the practical yet powerful keys that will guide you to exceptional grades, exemplary balance, and extraordinary life-fulfillment.

Entering Spelman College as nervous, doubtful freshmen, Kirstie and Kristie Bronner never imagined what would become of their journey-that they would make history as the first twins to graduate as double valedictorians, with perfect 4.0 GPA’s and appearing in media headlines!


Like many college students, they experienced stress, discouragement, and overwhelming longing to fast-forward to the moment they would dance across the platform with their diplomas in-hand! They were not in love with school, neither were they Einsteins.

Their secret was not found in genius, but in exceptional habits and hard work! This means that their story of academic preeminence and life success can become yours!

You’ll gain the keys to:
• Study tips that work miracles
• Time management that makes you a master of minutes
• Scheduling that conquers busyness
• Relationships that boost your GPA
• Perspective that redirects your focus
• Excellence that causes you to stand out
• Risks that you should take
• Balanced living that yields holistic health
• Classroom miracles that drop your jaw
• School lessons that transfer to life lessons