Learning How To Be A Good Business Person (And A Good Person)

As parents or guides we have to ensure, that our children go into business or start on the path to leadership, we imbue them with the right goals and attitudes. As a result, we set the example. If we run in business circles, all those board meetings and micromanaging people can, over time, turn us into something a bit inhuman. As the expression goes, it’s not personal, just business. But taking this home with you and letting it color aspects of your life is not on the agenda. How can you learn to be a good business person but also a good person?

Consistency Across The Board

Treating people the same is a lot harder than it sounds. However, this is the underlying component of an effective business person and person. If you find yourself treating people in different ways, either because you perceive them to be less intelligent, or there’s something about them that you don’t quite click with, these perceptions are going to increase over time. It’s not easy, but you need to stop it now. Treating people exactly the same in business and life won’t just make life easier for you, it’s a way of communicating honestly across the board. After all, it’s more exhausting to be untrue and harbor secrets. By treating everybody in the boardroom and in life the same, it’s consistency in the best way.

Learn How To Care

We can spot people from a mile off when they are talking to you when they’re paying lip service and have no interest in what you are saying. Those people that are truly interested in what we have to say we hold in more regard. This is a trick that many presidents have utilized, either because they’ve learned it or it’s just a part of who they are. Whether they are speaking to the Sultan of Brunei or Santa Claus of the North Pole they have the same amount of focus and attention on what the other person is saying. Try this exercise: every time you notice yourself mentally drifting off when someone is speaking to you, refocus and recenter. You realize over time just how much you’ve been ignoring people, and how much you haven’t cared about what they’re saying.


It’s difficult to be authentic when you haven’t been before, and it’s an aspect of personal growth that we have to invest in. Learning how to calm ourselves down in life, so we can focus better and stop that inane chatter in our heads can teach us how to be in the present moment. This will turn us into someone who is more naturally caring and a person who treats everyone the same. Being a good business person is all about harnessing relationships. Yes, there are deals to be done and politics on occasion, but surely we can learn from the best leaders, past, and present, and see what made them a good business person as well as a good person. They say if you want to be a good business person, you’ve got to be a good person first. So let’s start right now and be a better one.

Reduce the Stress of Running Your Business

Sleepless nights, tearing your hair out, wondering where your next client will come from? These are all frequent complaints of people that go into business for themselves. However, it is possible to minimize the stress that running your own business causes by following the advice below.

Minimize your overheads

One of the things that small business owners stress about the most is money, and whether they will make any or not. To remedy this most spend their resources attracting new customers and making more sales, but there is another method to consider as well, and it’s reducing your costs.

In fact, if you reduce your overheads, that is what it costs you to run your business, and produce your product, you will earn more profit from every single sale. Something that can help you raise your profits overall, and really will relieve a lot of that finance-related stress.

Get your IT monitored

IT, in this day and age, we can’t do without it, but for most of us, it is not our area of expertise. In fact, the setting up and running of the systems we use every day can be a real challenge, even for the smallest of businesses.

That is why it is essential to use a provider like ClearFuze Networks to manage your IT systems for you. They will then be able to monitor performance 24 hours a day and so can stop issues, becoming problems quickly and easily. Something that means you can relax and look after the rest of your business, while your IT does exactly what you need it to do.

Get organized

Sometimes it’s not the task that we have to do that is the stressful part of the equation. Instead, it is our work practice that is letting us down. That is why it is crucial to get organized both in your work environment and regarding the process that you use.

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After all, it’s much more stressful to have to swap multiple times a day between different tasks, that to batch them all in one go. Similarly not knowing where to find critical documents when you need them can undoubtedly raise your adrenaline levels, so be sure to have an effective filing system, even if you do most of the work online.

Prioritize a work-life balance

Lastly, if you really want to beat stress as a small business owner, then achieving a work-life balance is crucial. Of course, it’s incredibly easy for small business owners to overwork and never shut off because all the responsibility rests on their shoulders. However, this can be awful both for your mental wellbeing and for the long term success of your business. After all, you won’t be doing your best work if you are burned out.

Therefore it’s vital that you balance your work life by setting hard finishing times, and not being contactable during these periods so you can focus on other essential parts of your life, as well as rest and recharge. Otherwise, the stress of running your own business can drag you under.

What do you do to release stress in your business?

Can You Really Run A Solo Business?

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The answer is yes, but you probably shouldn’t. Building your empire is a truly exciting prospect, but even the great Romulus needed support to build Rome. So, while you naturally want to feel in control of the entire venture, it’s imperative that you embrace outside help. This is the only way to maximize your hopes of sustained success.

Why Shouldn’t I Run The Business Alone?

Running a business all by yourself may seem like the ultimate way to maintain control and reduce the costs associated with having a team. However, even the likes of Bill Gates and Alan Sugar are supported by talented staff members. Visit lovemoney.com to learn more about the number of employees at major organizations. It’s fascinating reading.

This is because going it alone can hinder your progress in many ways, including;

  • The speed of productivity will be far too slow for the level of progress you want.

  • The quality of work will suffer because you will have weaknesses like anybody else.

  • The desire to save money will backfire while revenue drops too.

  • The client interactions will suffer badly.

  • The opportunities to establish a good work-life balance will be virtually non-existent.

Essentially, you owe it to yourself as well as the business to find that winning support.

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What Type Of Help Is Available?

Depending on the nature of your business, outside help can come from many different sources and cover a range of daily tasks. The key is to analyze your venture thoroughly to determine where your staffing budget will be best spent. After all, no entrepreneur has a limitless cash resource.

In truth, though, outside support can aid your business in many ways. Here are just some of the people you may want to use;

  • Graphic designers that can make your business look professional and stand out from the crowd. This is done with business cards, websites, and interior layouts. Appearances count for everything.

  • Salespeople and customer care teams that will handle the bulk of interactions with your clients. If they can build up a rapport with the customers, sales revenue should soar.

  • IT specialists that can promote greater productivity, security and collaboration. Visit zetasky.com to learn more about the possibilities. No business can avoid modern tech.

  • Accountants and admin staff that can ensure the company is legally complicit and on strong financial ground. This lets you focus on actively driving the venture in the right direction.

  • Affiliates that can bring extra customers to your business by promoting its products and services. Their impartial words often carry far greater weight than your marketing campaigns.

Further help can come from a range of sources including permanent staff, remote workers, and outside contractors. Many hands make light work, and it will fire your business to far greater outcomes.

The Final Word

If you are still plotting your rise to the top, there’s nothing wrong with conducting the planning phases alone. Once your business is operational, however, going it alone simply isn’t an option. The right employees and contractors will be your greatest asset.   

Empowering Daughters To Fulfill Their Potential

In the twenty first century, there is more emphasis than ever on equality for all no matter what gender, race or religion a person might be. It’s vital that we are able to strive for the meritocracy that many of us crave. We want to be rewarded for our hard work not because we are a suited and booted good looking male. Statistically, equality is still a long way off, with the gender and ethnicity pay gap still present (although closing) and the #MeToo movement still having an important role to play in society.

It can be a sobering thought when we consider how our daughters will find their way in the world. Will they be turned away from math simply because they feel like they aren’t good enough even though they have a passion for it? Will they shun science and technology subjects and careers simply because men seem to dominate? The answer should be no, and efforts are being made to show girls across the world just how vital they are to develop scientific and technological capabilities. It is this untapped potential that we, as a society, need to foster. Take a look at how you can ensure your daughter reaches her potential.

Lead By Example

If your child is eager to get into the chemistry lab, design an app or become a cardiovascular surgeon, it’s up to you to harness this enthusiasm. As a parent you will be the first person to see this passion, so you need to protect it rather than see it wither away. Most girls don’t enter male dominated professions because of lack of opportunity and an absence of self confidence. You need to ensure both of these are protected.

Take your daughter to listen to some female keynote speakers, take her to the best universities in the state and get her a work placement at a firm that specializes in control system design so she can see her potential career in action. Being a supportive parent can empower your daughter to achieve her goals.

Hard Work

Encourage a work ethic but at the same time don’t be too pushy. Yes, your daughter has expressed an interest in running her own app development company, but don’t force her to read biographies of Bill Gates when she should be enjoying time socializing with her friends. By pushing too hard, you could make your daughter disengage with her talents. Instead, reward her for her hard work, foster those moments of quality family time and make sure you keep up with the positive praise. There will be plenty of individuals who will sap your daughter’s confidence in life; don’t be one of them.

New STEM initiatives are popping up across the nation so women of industry enter into schools to talk to girls (boys) about careers they may not have even thought of. Normalizing the idea of females in powerful positions may take a generation to achieve, but it will be done. Be supportive and encourage your daughter to follow her dreams.

4 Simple Ways to have a Better Work-Life Balance

There’s a growing number of people struggling with their work-life balance. A large percentage of American workers feel their job demands that they should be available 24/7 since they can check in from anywhere using their smartphone. This type of constant availability takes a toll on both a person’s mental and physical health. Humans need to socialize, relax, and care for themselves to stay happy and healthy.
Here are four simple ways to improve your work-life balance:

1) Unplug
It’s easier said than done, we know, but avoid checking your phone for work matters after hours. This constant checking may have become a habit you wish you’d never started, and if you are honest, practically all work-related matters can wait until the next day. It’s key to unplug from work when you get home each evening and on the weekends. Let your coworkers know you won’t be returning emails, calls, or texts regarding work after hours so that they can prepare for this change.

2) Work Smarter
If you can’t seem to get all of your work done within the allotted 40 hours, you aren’t alone. An alarming number of Americans work more than 50 hours a week, every week. Before you go to your boss to ask for a reduction in your workload, take a careful look at how you are spending your time. Track it for a few days and see what’s causing you to stay late each night and come in early each morning. You will no doubt be surprised by the ways you can change or eliminate distractions and other time-wasters.

3) Take a Stay-Cation
Another vital way to get your work-life balance in order is to make use of all of your vacation days. A large number of US workers lose essential time with their family or with themselves because they don’t take all of their vacation days, or in worst cases, don’t have any vacation days at all. If you feel uncomfortable about using all your holiday in one long vacation, schedule the occasional day off here and there to enjoy “stay-cations.” Breaking it up like this will give you the mental health days you need while ensuring you don’t come back to an overwhelming mountain of work.

4) Train Your People
Many of us grew up hearing, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” Unfortunately, this gets ingrained to the point where we feel we can’t delegate any tasks lest they end up back in our laps in worse shape than before. If you have employees you manage or freelancers you outsource to, take the time to train them well. Make sure they know exactly how to do things. Of course, this will take time upfront. But, once they understand your requirements, you’ll be able to hand off more work and give yourself some slack.

Helping Your Child Develop Empathy

Empathy is a strongly needed quality among all people. It is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. With more empathy comes more compassion, lower crime rates, and more unity among everyone. Although empathy comes more naturally to certain people, it is something we should all strive for.

There are ways we can help our children to grow in this quality. Here are a few ideas for assisting your child with their development of this trait.

Be Empathetic Towards Your Child

If you wish for your child to become strong in the area of empathy, you need to model this behavior towards him (or her). Always be willing to see things from your child’s perspective, and try to identify with his feelings. If your child feels hurt about something you said, see the situation from his perspective. Apologize to him for your harsh or uncaring words, and mirror back in your words what he has told you. Help him understand that you see things from his point of view, as this is one of the best ways to show him what true empathy is all about.

Be Empathetic Towards Others

If someone has done something that made you feel upset, stop and think instead of lashing out. Let your child see you showing empathy in action. Think about the other person and what may have caused their reaction, words or attitude towards you. Verbalize it with your child so they can see the thought process behind being intentionally empathetic. This will teach them the process so that they too can begin to use it in their own thinking.

Teach Your Child to Care For the Plight of Others

Talk to your children about the struggles that others go through. Show your concern, and ask your child if they have any ideas about how you could care for and assist those individuals. Stop any statements and feelings that show a judgemental attitude towards those in need, whether those needs are financial, physical, emotional or other.

Explain how people can end up in various situations through factors that are beyond their control. This helps your child to see their own privilege, and to understand that we should all show compassion towards every person we meet, no matter what situation they are in at the moment.

Find Ways to Give as a Family

A great way to show empathy in action is to volunteer. Join forces with the rest of your family and put your energy to use by volunteering your time to those who need it the most. Serve meals together at a shelter, or put together care kits for the less fortunate. Become friends with those you serve, so that instead of seeing them as charity, your child is made aware that these are fellow humans with whom you have much in common.

Holding empathy towards others is an important characteristic for our children who will someday run society. It is one of the greatest lessons anyone can learn. Develop this characteristic in your child to make a future that is better for us all.

What Children Need to Know about Being Reliable

Reliability is an important life lesson that unfortunately does not come naturally to everyone. It is a quality that makes people easier to get along with. It can be frustrating to be in a relationship with someone who is not reliable, as it brings confusion and inconvenience to both the other person and everyone else around.

By being reliable, your child will become known by their behavior, and will eventually become a pillar in their community because of their trustworthiness. Here are some points about being reliable that once learned, will strengthen this quality in your child.

Reliability Takes Effort

Being reliable is not easy, and it does not generally come naturally. It is in our human nature to want to do whatever is convenient and whatever takes little effort on our part. In order to be known as reliable, we must be in a state of constant growth. It takes an effort to think ahead so that we will not be caught in situations where we feel powerless because of a lack of planning. This does get easier over time, but it is a continuous effort on our part. Teach this to your child, so they are not surprised by how difficult it can be to make yourself reliable.

Reliability Takes Discipline

Those who are lazy and don’t want to put in much effort are never those who are known as reliable. If you want the reputation of being a reliable person, it takes self-discipline to make it happen. If you want to be on time to your commitments, it takes some planning.

Start with a normal routine to teach this to your child, such as the school day routine. Talk to your child about how they can streamline the process by doing little things such as getting their clothes ready the night before, planning what breakfast they will eat, and setting their alarm clock with sufficient time to get ready for the day. This gives them the structure that makes reliability more likely.

Reliability Takes Practice

Getting it right doesn’t happen on the first time. If often takes several tries and several failures. It will eventually happen, though, and you will be rewarded by your effort as you see things coming together little by little. Teach your child to strive for perfection, but not to beat themselves up over not reaching their goals in a perfect manner. Train them to reward themselves with any improvement on their part, in this and all areas.

Reliability Takes Determination

Being reliable takes determination. It is easy to give up and let things slide. However, it is an important enough quality that it is worth pursuing wholeheartedly. Remind your child that this is a quality worth striving for.

Reliability is sorely lacking in our world today. Many people fall into the habit of keeping life convenient for themselves and often forget about their importance to others in the process. By teaching our children to be reliable when it comes to their availability and their promises, we will create the great leaders of tomorrow.

Three Things Every Beginning Edupreneur Can Do

As I was wrapping up a conference call with one of my new mentees I shared a few ways she can get started in her tutoring business. If you’re an aspiring edupreneur you can check these tips out too!



Can you run a home based business and raise a family?

The answer is yes, but I’m not saying it’s easy. It depends on the age of your children, of course, but still, no matter how old they are, you will have to find ways to balance your time between both your family and your business to make things work for you. As a busy mom of six, I’ve realized there is really only so much I can plan for my day but what gets planned does get done! 

Remember to draw on your parenting skills. Think about the skills you may already possess. If you are still unsure about the practicality of running a business while raising your family, know that you may already have some of the parenting traits to make things work. Time-keeping, multitasking, and patience are just some of the skills you may already have to help you balance your time.

Practice the art of saying ‘no.’ When you’re trying to schedule your day, there are some things you will need to say ‘no’ to. This applies to both your family and business life, so when something isn’t urgent, skip it, for the benefit of the other.

Find the right time to work. When you have school-age children, you should be able to fit in your business during school hours. If you have younger children, you may need to fit in work while they’re asleep, or otherwise safely engaged. You might consider getting up an hour earlier in the day to fit in some work. Or you might work longer into the night on occasion. It depends on the needs of your family, but there should be some time in the day that can be set aside for your business.

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