This presentation was created from the powerful words of women who I feel are speaking to our black girls today. Listen to the words and take them to heart. This is your life and your story can and should be the beautiful tale of your determination, strength, and commitment to what you believe in!

How to Cure Your Nervousness With These 8 Steps


Your palms are sweating. Your armpits feel like a faucet and you’re trying to remember if you brushed your teeth. You’re in a room full of new people and it feels like everyone in there knows each other. You’re wondering if people care that you’re there and you don’t know what you’re going to say should one of them walk up and actually talk to you! If only you could just calm your nerves, maybe…just maybe, you could let the real you shine through.

The Keke Palmer School of Leadership

Not only is KeKe an amazing singer, actress, and now talk show host, she is also a perfect example of what a true leader exemplifies. She understands and leverages her leadership skills to becoming the successful young lady she is today. KeKe was quoted for saying ” I always try to set a positive example for my generation and promote confidence.” That’s right, the essence of leadership! So grab a seat, a cup of coffee and let me introduce you to The KeKe Palmer School of Leadership!


Photo Credit: Uptown Magazine

Photo Credit: Uptown Magazine

1. KeKe is relatable, and every leader needs to relate to her audience. KeKe is the kind of girl you want to have as a friend and one you’d be willing to take sound advice from. The amazing thing about her is that she interacts with her fans. They have questions and problems and she gets right into the conversation with them and answers them! That’s what a leader does.

Leadership Lesson Takeaway: Look for ways that you can solve small problems around you and find ways to add value to your peers, soon they’ll begin to realize that your are a valuable resourceful leader.

What Zendaya Can Teach Us About Haters

So as most of you already know Zendaya was set to play Aaliyah in the upcoming Lifetime biopic movie: Aaliyah: One In A Million. However a few haters took to Twitter to rant about how the singer should not play Aaliyah because she looks Latina and Aaliyah was clearly African American. Zendaya who has an African American father and Caucasian mother is clearly not Latina. Now after backlash she is no longer affiliated with the project and for that I’m upset.


Zendaya posted on her Twitter account: “She’s (Aaliyah) has been an inspiration and influence in my whole career, her talent shines brighter than ever, all I wanna do is honor her…there will never be another Aaliyah, I just hope to share her beautiful story, and make her proud up in heaven.”

Now, someone who shares sentiments like that is a clear fan of Aaliyah and is looking to expand beyond her Disney repertoire and gain experience acting in various types of roles. She has ambitions of not just being another “kid” star but maturing into new more challenging roles. Her story taught me a lot about how to handle haters.

I’m upset because I feel like Zedaya allowed her haters to get the best of her (a no no in my book). She took to the BET Awards red carpet and said that she is no longer apart of the project because she felt like they were rushing the project and she wanted to do it right and not rush for someone she honors so much.

It could be that the family had some back lash about the project and for the Director and Producer did not consult them and maybe she didn’t want to be in the midst of that drama. But I’m willing to bet that it had something to do with the backlash from her haters (cough, cough) I mean “fans”.

When you have a dream and it’s something you feel passionately about don’t let NOBODY…excuse me….ANYBODY tear you away from it. When you know WHO you are, WHAT you’re doing it for, and WHY it’s important to you and your life, everything else can take a backseat. (Especially a hater!)

I think it’s borderline bullying when people feel “If enough of us gang up on her then we can change her mind”. How about you band together and use your words for good or to create positive change?

Haters will always have something to say, and 9 times out of 10 it’s incorrect. Zendaya is mixed but in an ignorant person’s eyes and mind she gets labeled “Latina”.  (First of all learn your cultures…)

Haters aren’t pursuing their own dreams so they’d rather spend all their time tearing you away from yours. Get a hobby, connect with a higher power and find your purpose in life…as a matter of fact, sign up for my mentoring program and I’ll work with you ;-). I will always remind you that there is power in your tongue! Use your words to uplift and encourage others.

Haters won’t say half of what they want to say to you in person, so they’re just computer thuggin’. You heard me right! Just typing their little pointless lives away behind a screen because they are insecure with who they are and unsure what they have to offer the world. And this poor child is out here trying to be an example and positive role model…..

All in all I said all this to say:

Let your haters make you greater.

When you hear what haters say, laugh because you will prevail and stand proud, and all they can do is stand and look silly when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.

Don’t change who you are because of what someone has to say about you. For every one person who hates you there’s a million more who will love you, and that’s the God honest truth!

Keep on pushing because your perseverance will cause you to be prosperous! 

Everybody who is somebody had a “somebody” who was’t for them. Stand firm in YOU because at the end of the day, YOU are responsible for your own happiness.

Put this post on Replay..(A little Zendaya humor)

Question: How do you handle haters?

7 Things Successful Youth Do on Sunday Nights

Monday morning are critical to a successful week. Planning the night before can assist you in having a GREAT week! How prepared you feel can influence your mind in a positive or negative way. Planning and managing your time is the extra step you need to ensure the week runs as smoothly as possible.
Here are 7 thing successful people do on Sunday Nights:
1. Update their to do lists. Each week has it’s own set of tasks. Update your to do list to finish last weeks goals or begin on this weeks goals.
2. Get their clothing out for the week. At least lay out your clothing for the next day. There is nothing worse than thinking your favorite green shirt is clean and folded in your drawer than to wake up and see it in the laundry instead. Prep everything from your bag, to your socks and shoes so all you have to do is hop into your clothes! If you really want to challenge yourself, lay out 5 outfits for the week.

How I got a 4.0 and How You Can Too

How I got a 4.0 and How You Can Too!
Earning a 4.0 has always been a major goal of mine. It was one that I didn’t take too seriously in undergrad, strived for with my Masters and finally achieved with my doctorate! It wasn’t something I was pressured to do but something I personally wanted to prove to myself that I could accomplish.
If you’re striving for excellence as well, here are a few tips to get you started!
1. FOCUS on one thing until successful. There is so much to be easily distracted by. We live in a world where there is so much information that’s it’s hard to focus on one thing. But to be successful and operate in excellence you must focus. That means work your work, until it works for you!
2. Turn off all electronics. You have to learn how to turn off the TV, not answer texts messages, and don’t peek at that funny Vine. When you’re trying to achieve excellence you have to work in an environment that allows you to give your assignment your complete attention. No distractions! Cut them off.
3. Get in your music groove. Music helps create a synergy to your work. Play something that’s not distracting like classical, jazz, or just the instrumentals to your favorite songs. It will help the time to go by much faster!
4. Set a timer. Don’t ever try to complete a big assignment in one sitting. Some people make the excuse of saying “I work really well under pressure”, which may be true, but it’s best to break your work up into bite sized pieces. Set a timer and allow yourself to work in 15 minute incremements. Be sure to give yourself a break in between!
5. Don’t forget to double check your work. Not just spell check, either!  Leave it for a day and come back and read it aloud to yourself or someone else. The largest docks on papers are spelling and grammar. Train yourself to pay attention to small details.
6. Read your textbook for 10 minutes per day. That’s not a huge time commitment. Play 3 of your favorite songs and you’re done! It will at least give you an idea of the information covered in the book so that you can contribute to class discussions, pass surprise quizzes, and perform better on tests without anxiety.
7. Attend all your classes. Class participation and attendance is a large part of your grade. Practice getting to your class five or ten minutes early. It’ll give you time to get adjusted and lay out your materials on your desk, turn your phone to vibrate, get a sip of water, and get focused.

Question: What’s one habit you’re going to try to closer to your 4.0?

Every Black Boy Is A Thug

On the last week of school there were four teenage boys tossing a tennis ball to each other. They were walking kind of “Sex In The City” style all in a row just laughing and smiling.  Everyone’s heart started racing and I saw teachers putting themselves in front of their small students, once they spotted the boys headed their way. Soon the conversations teacher were having with each other came to screaching halt and everyone’s eyes were on the boys. One teacher who was leading Car Rider duty got on his megaphone and yelled “Go On Boys. This is an elementary school you can’t be here.” The boys kept walking. He said again “I said you can’t be here. Can I help you with something?!”. The boys kept walking. Some other teachers started to walk towards the boys before they got too close to the students who were sitting outside waiting on their parents to pick them up. Once the boys finally got close enough to be heard one boy said, “I’m just here to pick up my little sister”. His little sister cheerfully jumped up hugged her brother and waved goodbye to her friends. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. (Wipes brow) “Wheew, they weren’t thugs”!

Every Black Boy Is A Thug

Really?! Is this the story of our young black men? With all the craziness we hear on the news everyday about teens killing each other, shooters in schools, fights, and the like, where does it leave our young black men?

In this true story no one knew anything about these boys who inoccently were just playing catch. His mother entrusted him to protect the life of his little young sister and get her home. But because he had the look “ear length dreads, white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers”, everyone was on edge. Everyone was waiting in anticipation for him to do something wrong. Everyone sat back and was ready to be reactive to what they felt was about to be “a situation”. 

How often do we fail our young black men for being themselves; reactive rather than proactive? We wait for them to determine who they’re going to be. We wait for them to let society define them. We wait for them to determine what they are going to be. We wait for them to fall into the cracks. We wait for them to try to dig themselves back out and we sit and watch and shake our heads and say “Mmm, mmm, mmm, why does it always have to be us” by us meaning black. 

Every black boy is NOT a thug. Every black boy has the ability to lead, to be strong, to be great. Every black boy has the ability to be consistent, determined, and successful. We have to train them. We have to get involved. We have to not be afraid to walk up to them and speak and to pour into their lives. This is our responsibility and no one else’s. 

Let’s reclaim our boys. Let’s remember what we value and TEACH them. Let’s be honest about the world we live in. Let’s help them to be resilient against people who judge them based on a cultural appearance.

Let’s raise the bar.

The Wonderfully Made Girls Summit is an annual fall event whose purpose is to remind girls that they are all created unique and with a specific mission to carry out in their lifetime. 

Date: October 11, 2014
Time: 9:00-2:00 p.m.
Event: Wonderfully Made Conference
Topic: The Bold and The Brilliant
Sponsor: Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc.
Venue: Smyrna Community Center
Location: Smyrna, GA
Public: Public

College Prep Timeline For High School Students

Are you looking for a simple plan to follow that will lead you on the path to college? Check out what you should be doing year by year for the path to success!


Freshman Year

• Meet with the guidance counselor and select courses that meet college admissions requirements

• Take challenging classes that build skills

• Get involved in extracurricular activities: dance, band, sports, ministry activities,

• Research your career possibilities: What do you want to do after high school?

• Plan a productive summer: read books, take courses, volunteer

Sophomore Year

• Some schools offer an optional PSAT and/or PLAN test to discover your strengths and weaknesses

• Talk to your counselor about your PSAT and/or PLAN scores and next steps

• Continue to research college and career options


• Go on college tours

• Plan a productive summer: read books, take courses, volunteer

Junior year

• Take the PSAT. A good score may qualify you for scholarship programs.

• Talk to your counselor about your PSAT scores, learn how to improve them

• Start researching your options for grants, scholarships, and work-study. Put them in a binder according to deadline.

• Research, and visit colleges that you are interested in (and disuss them with your counselor).

• Register for the ACT, SAT, and/or SAT Subject Tests as required by your selected colleges. Or if you haven’t selected colleges, discuss with your counselor which test(s) you should take. If you can not cover the cost of the exams, speak to your counselor.

Senior Year

• Obtain and complete admissions and financial aid applications

• Ask your teachers for recommendations, if the colleges require them

• Visit colleges and attend college fairs

• Send your transcript and test scores to your selected colleges

• Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1st

• Review your Student Aid Report (SAR), acceptances, and financial aid offers.

• By May 1st, make final decisions and notify schools