Small Businesses and Soloprenuers focused on Social Good

What do I do?

I help solo-prenuers and small businesses who want to or are focused on creating businesses surrounded around creating social change or social good. This can mean for-profits, non-profits, youth services, etc. My desire is to help you, help and enrich others!

To be more specific I can help you:

  • Fit your business plan into your life plan.
  • Develop marketing effective strategies.
  • Create a Social Media and Editorial calendar.
  • Create a fundraising plan and calendar.
  • Choose your niche.
  • Systemize your business.
  • Provide the personal development necessary to survive and thrive in business.
  • Provide project management.
  • Grant Writing.
  • Letter drafting for partnerships and collaborators

My Process


I work with you (and your team if you have one) to define your business and personal goals, mission, vision and objectives for your business.

Together we design a plan of action for manifesting that vision.

Then I work with you to execute and deliver your business idea.

How Am I Different?

I believe that personal and professional worlds merge when starting a business. It’s not enough to just focus on planning for business success but also understanding what factors entrepreneurship brings into your life when you start a business.

As a busy mom of soon to be six I COMPLETELY understand how crazy balancing home-life, business, and possibly a 9-5 can feel overwhelming. I work with you to determine how to find the time in your schedule to meet your goals.

How will you balance work if you’re starting part time? How will you maintain your home life? How can you pull together your dream team? How will your business incorporate your personal ethics, beliefs, and values so that your business and self are aligned?

I’m also blessed with a background in Education and Business so I naturally teach and coach in everything I do. I’m extremely patient and passionate about getting clarity with your business and vision so you can reach your goals faster.

What’s Your Format and Frequency?

If you are in the state of Georgia we can schedule time to work together face to face. If you are located in another state or country we will work together in a private one on one virtual space. With all of my packages you will have access to me via email with as many questions as you have throughout this process. As I stated we work together in a private virtual space where you will receive constant feedback from me and you can feel free to share out.

I’m Ready! How Can We Begin to Work Together?

I’m excited to know you’re ready to work with me! Let’s chat so that I can learn more about what it is you’re wanting to do and how I can help be a vehicle to take your business from blank page to brilliant beginnings! Fill out the form below and I’ll send you over a little survey link to tell me more about your vision and the work you’d like to accomplish.

Still have a few questions? Fill out the form below and someone from my team will setup a meeting so we can discuss your concerns.

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