How to use templates for your children to accomplish more in less time

Templates are great productivity tools for adults and entrepreneurs alike. When we use them we can organize our thoughts and accomplish goals faster. When you teach children to utilize these tools early in life they have a way to organize their thoughts, ideas, and days as well.

The templates I’m sharing with you today are the monthly goal setting calendar, weekly goal setting calendar and the test study guide. These can be used for any grade level elementary, middle school, and high school. I would suggest printing out as many copies as you need and placing them in a binder.

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[Training] Serve, Speak, Strengthen

A video from the Called to Cultivate Community

If you want to learn how to become a better servant leader, speaker and to strengthen business relationships then this training is for you! As an Edupreneur focusing on perfecting your craft is what the Called to Cultivate Community is all about.

In this training you will learn to:

  • Utilize servant leadership to become a stronger leader
  • Find speaking opportunities that will enhance the work of your mission
  • Strengthen business relationships with stakeholders


To join our community visit for additional resources, training, and guidance.

Master Mentoring Mini Workshop

Are you ready to start your own youth mentoring program?

Tons of people are eager to tap into their passion, share their expertise and impact their communities by starting youth mentoring programs. Are you one of them? Now is the time. Sign up for my Master Mentoring Mini Workshop.

Map it Out.

Over 5 hours we will work together to map out your mentoring program. If you can’t make it live, now worries you’ll have access to the replays so you can work at your own pace.

Workshop Training and Agenda:

  • Session #1: Program Plan and Design
  • Session #2: Recruitment
  • Sessions #3: Screening and Training
  • Session #4: Matching and Monitoring
  • Session #5: Maintaining and Funding the Program

All participants will receive

  • Access to the LIVE sessions
  • Access to replays
  • Master Your Mentoring Worksheets

Master Your Mentoring Registration

Registration is closed. Please purchase the replay.

7 Youth Activities to Fill February with Love

February is here and while our hearts and minds are focused on love I figured you’d be thinking of activities both you and your children will love. While we love them whether these children are your own or ones that you teach or mentor, we want the purpose of these activities to be to build a stronger personal relationship. Relationships are hard to navigate in childhood and adolescence and in the age of “Netflix and Chill” many young people have lost the art of conversation and connections. They heavily rely on the trusting adults in their lives to lay this foundation.

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Wanted: Executive Assistant

MotivatHER Inc. is in need of an Executive Assistant! The ideal candidate would be someone who can manage both digital and in person events and is local to the metro Atlanta area.

OBJECTIVE: To provide high-level administrative support by conducting research, preparing statistical reports, and perform clerical functions.

WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: The ideal candidate will have experience providing administrative support for an influential brand, will be awesome at multitasking and will have great communication skills.


Our Executive Assistant will primarily be responsible for:

  • Comfortable performing clerical duties, taking memos, maintaining files, and organizing documents. Photocopying, faxing, collating, etc., as needed.
  • Arranges travel, accommodation, itineraries, and all correspondence related to arrangements as needed.
  • Plans/organizes and implements events such as meetings, business luncheons, or client dinners
  • Manages executive schedule and acts as liaison for executive team
  • Prepares reports, presentations, and data, as well as maintaining files, records, and correspondence for meetings
  • Handles confidential information; organizes and maintains files
  • Prepares information and research for executive needs
  • May help plan company events, meetings, and employee team building activities or special projects.

COMMITMENT:  This is a virtual and partial in person position.  You will be an independent contractor and must supply your own computer, internet, and phone. You MUST be available during normal business hours (M-F, 9:00 am to 6 pm) Eastern Time. Critical business items, customer replies, updates and reports must be provided during normal business hours.  Position requires a 6 to 8 month commitment with at least 15  hours per week to start. This position must be local to Atlanta, GA as we will be meeting in person monthly. 

Application Instructions

  • To apply, please email
    1. Cover letter and PDF of your resume
    2. StrengthsFinder Top–5 Strengths Report; test results are optional but preferred
    3. Tell us how you heard about this position

The Called to Cultivate Podcast is LIVE!

I’m so excited about the next endeavor for providing you with excellent content to live on purpose and in your purpose. The Called to Cultivate Podcast is officially now in the iTunes store and is ready for you to download! 

The podcast will release a new episode every Thursday so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.

This is an extension of our Called to Cultivate Community and it’s a great way to learn more about teaching and empowering others. As always I’ll be sharing more about my experiences in running a youth development/mentoring program, experiences as an Educator, and things I’m currently working on (and you can too) in your empowerment business.

You can always check out the official podcast page here to listen to episodes, download resources and episodes and get show notes.

Subscribe today on iTunes so each new episode goes straight to your favorite device. Leave me a positive review (I’m a teacher, I love feedback).

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7 Beliefs that Create Success

Everyone has their own vision of success and what it means to them personally. For some it can mean a fat bank account, fancy home, or sports car and for others it can mean family. For me it means being fully used by serving others and finding happiness in the work and life I live.

I began to sit down and think about what are the things I believe in most and what drives success for me and developed the seven beliefs that create success.

The belief in my talents. You should believe that we are all given talents not only to keep to ourselves but to use and multiply.

The belief in my gifting. You should believe in your gifts fully recognizing that a gift isn’t a gift until it’s given. Your gift is different from your talents and should be used to advance the Kingdom.

The belief in the power of my voice. You should fully believe in the power of your voice and how speaking up creates change. Whether it’s through writing or speaking your voice holds personal power.

The belief in my ideas. You should fully believe in your ideas as valuable. Fresh ideas is what makes our world go round! Learning how to create over just consuming is the game changing ideal that will propel you into your purpose.

The belief in my abilities. Fully believe that you are capable of doing anything that you put your mind to. A made up mind is the greatest asset anyone can have. It’s hard to dissuade a person who knows what their mind is set on. Anything you can believe you can achieve.

The belief in my influence on others. People need people; authentic people that have had real problems, real experiences and can share real solutions. It’s through this relationship that influence and impact can be made. Don’t be afraid to share your story it can make the world of difference for someone.

The belief in a higher power. Fully believe in God, the one who created you with a hope and a future. Some thank the universe and the stars but I believe in God. He has my trust and life in the palm of His hand and I stand on biblical foundation. That’s the only “power” I contribute to success. By focusing on God I gain direction.

These seven beliefs should be your focus as you begin your work and create your life plan or plans for success in family, business, marriage, whatever! They all play a pivotal role in your success.

Question: What do you believe has attributed to your success or the success of others?