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Educating children is tough. 

It’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed-grades, routines, repetition, curriculum, school choices, supplies, teaching manners, values, -UGH! How does one manage it all?

Can I tell you something? It can be easier! It’s normal to be where you are and to worry about children’s development and if you’re “doing it right”. You’re not a bad parent. Great parents and educators worry about their kids and stewarding them right. 

There is no right or wrong, just managed and unmanaged. You just need the right tools and systems so you can be a confident parent and educator. 

We have the tools you need. As a certified educator and mother of seven I’ve worked with hundreds of children and families like yours-parents who want to help their children thrive. My online resources teaches you simple tools and systems so you can help your child/ren cultivate their genius! 


Save Time and Reach Your Educational Goals with the Get Cultivated™ Learning Solutions

I can help you with:

Academic Tutoring

Providing instruction to children and adult learners, identifying areas that need improvement, and identifying resources to fit learners needs.


Consultive and instructional services to teachers, counselors, homeschoolers, educational institutions, and edupreneurs.

Program Development

Providing assistance in initiating, evaluating, and improving effective programs geared towards youth and educational initiatives.


Serving as a mentor to educators, parents, and school administrators seeking to further develop their educational leadership.

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2021 NCGS Virtual Conference

June 21-23, 2021
NCGS Virtual Conference
Girls’ Schools: Building Communities of Belonging

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