Called to Cultivate™ Masterclass Week One

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Welcome to Week One.

A huge warm welcome to the official start of the Called to Cultivate Masterclass. This week’s module is Focus, Foundations,  and Fundamentals.

Class Module

Listen to this week’s messages here:

Focus and Fundamentals: Business Vision Board


Foundation Part Two:

Week One Check-In:

Our Masterclass Calls

The Masterclass Training Calls is going to be Wednesday April 18, 2018 at 7:00 EST -A replay will be available to you but being on the call LIVE is the best way to maximize your time and get to ask the questions you want.

Dial In Info:  DIAL-IN NUMBER: (701) 801-1211    ACCESS CODE: 785-202-20

This Week’s Assignments

  • Complete Your Business Vision Board
  • Complete the 5 W’s Worksheets
  • Secure your domain name and business email address with GoDaddy
  • Register your business with the Secretary of State
  • Secure any special trademarks either through your county, state, or federally
  • Check out Ring Central
  • For Web Design assistance visit my consulting page at

Power PDF

(Module 1) Called to Cultivate™ Masterclass

Submit your work to Coach Coley

Upload your the sheet with the niche you decided on! I’d love to hear who you decided to serve.

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