12 Days of Learning







Hey there! This holiday season I’ve been carefully thinking on the top twelve things that have made this year so amazing and what are the most value-driven tools I can share with driven people like you.

My 12 Days of Learning Holiday countdown starts today! Over the next twelve days, I’ll be sharing resources and we will have some serious conversations about what you should be learning as you wrap up this year and enter into the new year with fresh eyes and new goals for yourself and the people who matter to you most.

[Day #3]-Learn how to homeschool your children

Today I encourage you to teach your own.

I want you to understand how beneficial this relationship is not only to your children but to you as well. Many parents are better understanding the benefits of homeschooling and using this time to establish their homeschool.

Are you anxiously wanting to start your homeschool but need directions and advice on getting started?

One tip I can give you now is the most moms feel called or led to homeschool. It’s up to you to answer that call.

Together we will explore:

  • If you’re qualified to homeschool
  • concerns about socialization
  • testing
  • the cost of homeschool
  • the benefits of homeschool
  • gathering resources
  • how to plan a homeschool curriculum
  • homeschool law

We can do this together!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more learning opportunities for you.


[Day #2]-Learn How to Become a More Productive

Today I encourage you to become more efficient in your tasks.

I want you to understand that it’s not that you need to learn a new way to get more done, you need to understand what’s currently stopping you from getting where you want to be. Identify the problem.

Are you struggling with your why and want to get clarity in the new year?

Once you identify what you’re doing it all for I’m going to share some great get it done strategies.

You should get this guide and share it with the people in your home so you all can be proactively working towards efficiency.

Together we will learn over 75 ways to increase your productivity.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more learning opportunities for you.


[Day #1]-Learn How to Become a More Effective Leader

Today I encourage you to become a more effective leader with intentional learning goals.

I want you to utilize this time of reflection to adjust your goals and plans for personal and professional development as well as the inclusion of success habits.

Are you struggling with your personal mission and want to create greater impact and influence in the new year?

Need more strategies to lead at home? at school? in your business?

You should always have value to add, something to teach, and be able to leave atmospheres better than you found them.

Together we will learn 15 strategies to improve your leadership skills.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more learning opportunities for you.


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