Hi I’m Regina Coley. I’ve been making a living as an educator in various classrooms and business, and I have a passion to help educators, educational leaders, and edupreneurs tap into the power of transformational teaching with end of goal of expanding impact with who we’ve been called to serve. 
That’s why I’m beyond excited to be launching Exceptional Educator Mastermind. If you want to go above and beyond the call of excellence and fully use your gifts and talent to teach and inspire, this Mastermind is for you!
I want to come alongside you and teach you how to increase your teachings, significantly boost your teaching income, produce better and more consistent teaching content, rediscover your joy and passion for teaching.
I also want to provide a place for you to network with other educators and edupreneurs, build relationships, and get real-time feedback, critique, and encouragement

the mastermind benefits

Are you looking to grow professionally this year?

The Exceptional Educator Mastermind is a monthly meeting of the minds for teachers and leaders to connect, collaborate, learn, and grow. Every month we complete a culturally relevant book study relevant to develop your eduleader brand because we know readers are leaders.

We offer tools, templates, mentoring, and training. We have monthly creative projects curated to help you build your teaching/leadership resource toolbox, and we review media opportunities to grow your impact and influence as an eduleader. Whether you’re just getting started or are ready to elevate your eduleader brand, I’m sure you’ll find something valuable here.

Private Facebook Group

Access to our private Facebook group to share resources and spark conversations. 

Exposure Opportunity

Opportunities to be featured on the blog, podcast, or the web show. 

Tools + Templates

Easy plug and play templates designed to help you  put your best foot forward. 

Monthly Meeting

Monthly meeting via virtual webinar to connect, collaborate, learn, and grow. 

Content Creation

Monthly creative projects designed to help you build your teaching resources and toolbox. 

Book Study

We’ll engage in a leadership, success skill, or educational book each month to enhance your skills. 

Who is this Mastermind For?

A newer eduleader/edupreneur who wants to learn how to better monetize your physical or virtual classroom, produce consistent and inspiring content and grow your students and brand.

A intermediate eduleader/edupreneur who wants real, actionable advice to help you increase your influence and develop a more effective teaching  and leadership strategy

A more advanced eduleader/edupreneur who is stuck in a teaching rut and paralyzed by the overwhelming frustration of your superiors — who wants clarity and tangible steps to move forward and reach their full potential as an eduleader.

I believe you were created on purpose and for a purpose! Not everyone can teach and we all know not everyone can lead but here is your opportunity to elevate yourself from your peers and give your gift to the people who need it most! 

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