Grant Research and Writing Services

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Grant Prospect Research+ Writing

As your grant researcher and/or writer, I’ll access subscription-based databases and review lists of thousands of possible grants. Then, I’ll develop a list of strong matches with grantmakers and your organization. This report will be emailed to you to review and share with your team. You decide which ones to pursue and DIY your proposals or have my team and I handle the entire process for you.

  • Affordable Pricing: Our grant writing services are priced to accommodate your nonprofit’s budget while still including all necessary items for your organization.
  • Professional Quality: I pride myself on professional-grade quality work completed, and guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Process: I prepare your documents in a timely manner, allowing you to receive your nonprofit services within very quickly after receiving all necessary documents.
  • Complementing Services: I offer a variety of complimentary services, including program development, curriculum development, and more all for an affordable price!

Grant Writing
The fee for writing a standard proposal ranges depending on the number of grants you’re applying for and the requirements of the grant. The fee for writing a federal grant is a negotiated percentage. Please call for a review of the grant and a quote for the services.

Review & Edit Grants
If you have written a grant and would like for my team and I to review and make recommendations or improvements to the grant, the fee charged will be based on the level of improvements. The fee starts at $600 depending on the level of edits required. 


Scope of work:

  • Needs Assessment & Grant Research   Includes conducting the initial needs assessment, researching and developing list of grant opportunities; and project proposal – action plan, timeline for completion, and structural framework for applying for the grant.
  • Grant Proposal  Writing grant proposals includes letter of intent; planning, developing and writing the proposal; and editing.
  • Related Services  Commonly include program development, annual budget or program budget development, and sustainability plan.


Work cannot be completed on a contingency or commission basis.  Most funding sources will not allow grant funds to be used to pay for grant writing however, they will often allow for program development, evaluation, training, and other technical assistance.



$300per org
Grant Prospecting
Email file of grants that match your organizational profile
Funding Priority Consultation
Grant Writing Services


$1000per org
Grant Prospecting
Email file of grants that match your organizational profile
Funding Priority Consultation
Grant Writing Services
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