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Your guidebook to intentional choices to create lasting change

My latest book A Matter of Choice was written for young ladies who want to be challenged to be ladies and leaders in their lives. It is a guidebook that shares a heartfelt message to this generation that we all are living as a result of every choice we’ve ever made in life. What are your choices saying about you? We are so powerful and we can make powerful choices and decisions that can impact our life in an amazing way when we are intentional about them. Get clearer on who you are becoming and what direction you are heading towards. Get your copy today! 

About Regina

Hello, I’m Regina and I help driven parents, educators, organizations, and edupreneurs empower their children, excel in education, and succeed in life. I’m a doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership and am passionate about educational equality, youth development, parenting, edupreneurship and leadership.  

I provide:

  • Evidence Based content and resources
  • Efficient and easy to follow guidance
  • Highest level of support until you're satisfied with your outcomes

I can help you with:

Academic Tutoring

Providing instruction to children and adult learners, identifying areas that need improvement, and identifying resources to fit learners needs.


Consultive and instructional services to teachers, counselors, homeschoolers, and edupreneurs.

Program Development

Providing assistance in initiating, evaluating, and improving effective programs geared towards youth and educational initiatives.


Serving as a mentor to educators, parents, and school administrators seeking to further develop their educational leadership.

Exceptional Educator Mastermind

Educate. Enrich. Empower. Execute.

Have you dealt with the frustration of trying to figure out the right teaching strategies and methods? Do you want to increase your effectiveness by learning how to create custom teaching and learning materials? The Exceptional Educator Mastermind  includes teaching and learning strategies, the sharing of stories, successes, struggles, solutions, and support.

We meet online monthly and work collaboratively to take your educational leadership to the next level. You have the courage to lead and create a winning culture and community!


Regina is a very intelligent, leader and strives to encourage others in their success. She is definitely the kind of person you will like to work with for encouragement, leadership, and motivation. I would consider her the best of the best. I promise you that any type of academic help or motivation you get from her will leave you feeling rejuvenated. She deserves stars beyond stars. Everyone can share their experience and share with others who will benefit from her expertise. Thank you Professor, Friend, Sis, for a beautiful job well done.
Shay P.
Project Manager and Recent College Graduate
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