I'm Regina E. Coley and I train world-class teachers, leaders, executives, and edupreneurs become Community Catalyst by creating powerful, purposeful and transformative educational experiences. We don’t just adapt to change; we lead it.

About Regina Coley

Introducing Regina E. Coley, a former teacher turned professional speaker and consultant specializing in empowering executive women. Regina brings years of experience in creating inclusive classrooms and developing leadership skills in her students to her work with top-level professionals. As a sought-after speaker and strategist, Regina delivers inspiring speeches on topics such as the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, developing confidence as a female leader, and the power of effective work life balance for wealth and wellness. In her consulting work, she provides personalized advice and support to executives and organizations looking to improve themselves and their communities. With a down-to-earth approach and a passion for helping women succeed, Regina has become a respected voice in the field of education and leadership development.

Now Regina runs MotivatHER Inc, a personal development agency and speaking business where she speaks at colleges, conferences, churches, and corporations around the world delivering her signature speech, Restore Remarkable: Reequipping Your Distinction. 

I can help you with:

Academic Tutoring

Providing instruction to children and adult learners, identifying areas that need improvement, and identifying resources to fit learners needs.


Consultive and instructional services to teachers, counselors, homeschoolers, educational institutions, and edupreneurs.

Program Development

Providing assistance in initiating, evaluating, and improving effective programs geared towards youth and educational initiatives.


Serving as a mentor to educators, parents, and school administrators seeking to further develop their educational leadership.


Regina’s premiere coaching programs Make Your Mark with MotivatHER are applicant based and open a few times per year. 

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Latest Books

The Equity Gap: Making Schools More Equitable for Girls of Color

The Equity Gap is a strategy guidebook that provides teachers and practitioners with the tools they need to make schools more equitable for girls of color. This powerful resource offers concrete strategies and illuminating insights to help educators understand and address the unique challenges girls of color face in schools. With The Equity Gap as your guide, you’ll learn how to create more inclusive and culturally responsive classrooms, develop effective mentorship programs, and implement policies and practices that better support the success of all students. The Equity Gap is essential for any educator committed to promoting equity and excellence in our schools.

Regina speaks on a number of topics including education, leadership, parenting, equity, and student success. For questions about lectures and speaking engagements, please visit the speaking page. 

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