Leap Into Learning

An online course to help you manage home education during times of uncertainty and beyond

The COVID-19 crisis has created a lot of uncertainty for parents. Nearly every home across our world has been affected. Many are dealing with school closures, fears regarding learning gaps, graduations and tremendous instability around children’s learning. It’s frightening, stressful, and chaotic if not managed properly.

How are you preparing in your home, with your children? How can you best respond if your child’s daycare or school decided not to open for the remainder of this academic school year?

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed especially if you’re a mom or dad of many like myself. You want your children to feel seen, stay on track, and have a simple daily schedule to follow.

You can emerge from this challenging time with a simple, easy to follow home education plan that won’t break the bank. I can help.

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Leap Into Learning is the parent’s guide to teaching and leading in chaotic times.

As a mom of six, educator of ten years, doctoral candidate, and youth development expert, Regina E. Coley knows what’s it’s like to respond to the academic, emotional, and social needs of children.

In Leap Into Learning, Regina wants to equip you with the strategy to plan and manage simple lessons and out of this world fun for the children in your home (with as little stress for you!). This online course will teach you how to…

  • manage your day to day schedule while staying or working from home
  • access the learning opportunities available to you and your family during these uncertain times
  • build your home supply without breaking the bank and when stores are selling out of everything

Tools and Templates to Guide Your Home Classroom

In this course, you’ll receive downloadable tools and templates to help you manage your home.

  • Daily and Weekly Home Education Schedule
  • Simple Lesson Planner
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack Planner
  • Student Login/Password Worksheet
  • Teaching using my L.O.V.E. Teaching Strategy ™

Once you complete this course you’ll have the tools and strategies you need to confidently teach your children at home now and anytime that you’re all home together again.

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Five Lessons.

With five lessons, you can learn and implement quickly.

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Five tools for immediate implementation.

Build your teacher toolbox with these simple templates.

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A repeatable plan and process for any time use.

You’ll have a parent playbook to manage COVID-19, and any other job or school uncertainty to come in the future.

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