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Introducing Course Audit – the personalized service to help you maximize the impact of your online courses. As a course creator, your ultimate goal is to create courses that provide your students with the best possible learning experience. However, it can be challenging to ensure that your course meets industry standards and that your content is optimized for maximum success. That’s where Course Audit comes in. With my expertise in online course creation, I will personally audit your course and provide you with a detailed analysis of what’s working well and what can be improved. You’ll receive customized recommendations to enhance the quality, effectiveness, and engagement of your course content. From identifying areas of improvement in course design, navigation, and structure to improving your course’s learning objectives and evaluation methods, I have got you covered. With Course Audit, you can be confident that your course is top-notch, engaging, and delivers upon all your learning objectives!

What will you receive:

  • The Course Audit training video
  • A recording of your personalized course audit
  • A PDF with recommendations, strategies, and next steps
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