Strategy: Developing Your Master Plan was created for busy, driven individuals just like you. The ones who stay up late and wake up early trying to make things happen. The one who is managing multiple projects, your household, business goals, and trying to stay fly. The one who perks up when you hear about systems, planning, and organizing because you know those are the arsenal in your toolkit for success.

This course includes:

  • The Power of Strategy: Developing Your Master Plan (mp3)
  • Creating Your Strategic Plan (mp3)
  • Creating Your Action Plan (mp3)
  • Your Master Calendar and Task Management System (mp3)
  • The Master of You (mp3)
  • Plans and Steps Scripture Card (PDF)

The Tools and Resources section includes:

  • Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. Strategic Plan (PDF)
  • Action Plan Template (PDF)

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Listen to The Master of You 


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