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Grammarly has been such a blessing to this quick typing mompreneur and writer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten inspiration to write, went to type a post on Facebook or Instagram and right when I went to click share my phone did a quick autocorrect.

Just last month I wrote something on Facebook from a device that didn’t have Grammarly installed. I wrote “Check out these podcasts and add them to your collection” but my the post autocorrected said, “Check out these podcasts and ass them to your collection!” Talk about embarrassing. I heard about Grammarly when I was in my MBA program but I never downloaded it. When I saw a commercial again on tv I downloaded it and it’s been a Godsend!

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

I have the app on my iPhone and the program on my laptop and anytime I type that little green G in the corner is scanning my document for errors that will prevent me from looking like a fool. (Thanks Grammarly!)

As a doctoral student, author, and freelance writer, the way my words come across a screen is very important to me. Yes, my writing is pretty laid back but I still want it to be grammatically correct.

If you’re a writer, blogger, grad student, or have kids who are writing papers for school or starting their own businesses/blogs it’s a wonderful resource to have to allow you to type what you mean to say and shine. Even if grammar is your “thing” it’s wonderful to have the reassurance that you’re giving your absolute best in your writing.

I highly recommend it to all of my tutoring clients and the same to you.

Question: Are you going to give Grammarly a try?

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