7 Youth Activities to Fill February with Love

February is here and while our hearts and minds are focused on love I figured you’d be thinking of activities both you and your children will love. While we love them whether these children are your own or ones that you teach or mentor, we want the purpose of these activities to be to build a stronger personal relationship. Relationships are hard to navigate in childhood and adolescence and in the age of “Netflix and Chill” many young people have lost the art of conversation and connections. They heavily rely on the trusting adults in their lives to lay this foundation.

These seven activities allow for great conversation and positive connections:

  1. Visit the Music Store. Talk about what kinds of music they like and introduce them to some kinds that you like. You can show them dance moves you used to do to and learn a few of the latest moves yourself.
  2. Ask them what books they are reading and share a book you’re reading. Sharing these can expose your children to the value of continuous learning, reading for pleasure as well as new knowledge and information.
  3. Ask them to teach you something new. Kids rarely get to be in control and tell adults what to do. This is a fun way for them to practice their leadership in an easy going way.
  4. Read through a youth-orien
    ted magazine and discuss the articles. This gives them a chance to ask questions and the same for you.
  5. Cook a “secret” recipe together. This activity will make your child feel like you trust them in a little secret.
  6. Go and take pictures together. Dress up and pick out nice frames for your newly made memories.
  7. Organize a picnic in a very unusual place and chat about growing up. Be sure to equal parts listen and share.

I hope that these activities help your children open up, share more ideas and realize that they are cared for and loved and are vital to society.

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