A Matter of Choice


Discover how to make quick powerful decisions, define what it means to lead and live like a lady, and be guided in planning who you will become,  with a new resource from educator and edupreneur Regina E. Coley.

Girls deserve to live intentional lives defined by values and purpose.

Have you ever thought you weren’t good enough to do something?

You want to showcase how smart, courageous, and talented you are, but insecurity and doubt sometimes kick in.  Gone are the days of girls playing small! You are powerful, have powerful dreams, and a powerful future! 

To be great your life should reflect some consistent values and principles, daily tasks, and reminders.  

In A Matter of Choice, author, CEO and edupreneur Regina E. Coley reveals her process for discovering, developing, and defining what it means to be a leading lady. 

If you don’t have a mentor, this book will show you exactly where to find someone to come along side you and hold you accountable to the person you truly wish to become. 

If you do have a mentor then this book will show you additional ways to plan and prepare for a positive future. 

Discover the life-changing , clarity-driven, power of choice and define your future!  

A Matter of Choice let's you:

Get clearer on who you are becoming

Steer the direction of your life

Connect with positive and professional mentors

Define what it means to be a lady and a leader

Bundle Bonuses:

The Greatest Choice E-Book

A short motivating guide on the impact of putting yourself first and displaying self-love, self-respect, and self-worth. 

Map to Decisive Living™

This fold out chart contains tips for living a decisive live. 

A Matter of Choice Guided Journal

This workbook is meant to be used in conjunction with the book to answer reflective questions and to track decisions. 

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