Things to Consider When Building Your Company Website

A companies website is key to its presence in the world. It is, in essence, your face, your shop window. That means the website has to be inviting and relevant and showcasing a lot of relevant information on the surface, enticing people to want to know more. A website needs to depict a little of your company’s personality and actually connect and engage with the people it is meant to. If you are unable to develop that connection, then you are likely to lose sales. To help get you thinking, here are a few ideas:


Before you get to work creating pages and developing an overall design structure, you need to work on the foundation of your company, your brand. Your brand will create a color scheme and logo which can be clearly shown on your pages. However, more than that, your brand will be the essence of your company personality. It is where all your core values and ethical considerations spring from. Once you have this solid foundation, which has been created after conducting some research into your key customer base and developing an idea on how to engage and connect with them, your content creation process will flow more easily. It will help you create cohesion and depth too.


Creating a site plan is essential. You will want logical menus which fit together as expected. Consider also the headings, the different pages you will need, internal links, all making sure that the site is as easy as possible to navigate. You need to have the most relevant importation on your home page. Consider why someone would land on your website. What are they searching for? What answers do they require? Your home page is key to ensuring that your customer stays on your site. Also, what functions will you need? Think about an online shop, or features that allow customers to virtually see a product. What about live chat? It may be an idea to get extra help creating a website due to how important it is. A company like WebX360 will definitely be able to assist you.

Your Content 

Your content needs to be relevant, succinct, and easy to read. You do not want a site that is loaded with irrelevant titbits. It may be tempting to fill a page with extra writing if you feel that the written content is too sparse, but this is not true. Think about what your customers are there for and get to the point. You will also want your images, videos, gifs etc., to help reinforce a point rather than have the effect of someone staring at it wondering what it all means. Unless you are a conceptual artist and you sell artwork, this may not be the best plan of attack. In addition, you will want your content to be optimised for the search engines. That means you need it to be loaded with relevant keywords. As part of your customer research, you will find out how your customers communicate, so be sure to load your sire with the language they will use and will type into the search engines.


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