How to use templates for your children to accomplish more in less time

Templates are great productivity tools for adults and entrepreneurs alike. When we use them we can organize our thoughts and accomplish goals faster. When you teach children to utilize these tools early in life they have a way to organize their thoughts, ideas, and days as well.

The templates I’m sharing with you today are the monthly goal setting calendar, weekly goal setting calendar and the test study guide. These can be used for any grade level elementary, middle school, and high school. I would suggest printing out as many copies as you need and placing them in a binder.

A way to make this a fun activity is to let your child design a cover in Microsoft Word and fill his or her own binder. Use tabs to separate the sections and label them monthly, weekly, and tests.

Here are the templates! Feel free to share but realize that these are for personal use only and if you decide to share please ping them back to my website:

A Monthly Goal Setting Calendar Template





A Weekly Goal Template 





A “Oh Snap I Need to Study for My Test” Template





I hope you find these calendars useful to help your child keep track of upcoming dates and their goals!

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