Do You Have To Know “Every Inch” Of Your Business To Make It A Successful One?

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As an entrepreneur, we find ourselves analyzing so many small components of our business, so we can make it more successful. Whether we’re trying to find ways to be more productive, create a better relationship with our customers, or make our working environment a better one, it’s argued that we need to know every bit of our business so we can make the necessary changes. But as an entrepreneur, do you actually need to know everything, inside and out, about your business, so that it gains necessary traction?

Surely This Is What Outsourcing Is For

Regardless of your stance on outsourcing the big benefit of it highlights what skills we lack in. If technology is not anybody’s forte in the company, this is where outsourcing to a company like CyBerJaz Corp. removes a lot of the headaches. As has been explained countless times, outsourcing isn’t just a way to get things done for cheaper, but it can be used as a learning curve. You realize what skills you don’t have, either in your company or in yourself, and you outsource them to those that know. From there, you can discover how best to fill in those gaps.

You Hire The Right People To Fill In The Gaps

As gaps in knowledge can result in a struggling business, you hire people so that you don’t have to know every inch of your business. People can easily take on the bulk of duties and refuse to delegate. But this is a very unhealthy process for any entrepreneur or business owner. The more we do this, the more pressure we feel under. For a business owner that proclaims to know every inch of their business, and when they struggle to keep everything going because they’ve been reticent to delegate, this becomes their undoing.

You Know Who To Lean On In An Emergency

Emergencies will inevitably crop up in business, sometimes on a weekly basis. You might have to deal with a truck accident, PR disaster, or even a full-blown strike. 

The key here is to know who you can lean on in an emergency. You should have a team of consultants, temp staff, accountants, mentors and lawyers standing by, ready to kick into action when things fall apart. 

Your Role Is About The Big Picture

Time and time again, big picture thinking is the overriding characteristic of a successful business leader. While there are others out there that argue you need to know every single inch of your business so you can make it what you want, you need to know the big picture, and how every component slots in with each other, but this is where delegating comes in handy. It’s who you know, and so, you have to hire the right people whose opinions you trust. It’s your responsibility to see the big picture. You don’t have to know the finite details, but you need to see how each piece of the jigsaw slots together. This is why the most important skill an entrepreneur can have is that of communication and people skills. It’s these you have to utilize to make sure that everything works together in tandem.

After all, if you are working in a factory that manufacturers cars, do you really need to know the nuts and bolts of every single vehicle? Sure, it might be handy, but it’s not your role. In a smaller company, you may feel that it’s essential to know every aspect of your business, but as you get more successful and the business increases in size, it’s time that you let this go.

Use the 80/20 rule and focus on the 20% of the things that you can do best and delegate 80% of the rest.

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