How Will I Make A Difference?

 You may be asking yourself this question. I know I surely did when I was in high school and again when I was in college. I really wondered to myself what I could do to make a difference in this world or to change the course of someone else’s life. I’ve always felt powerful but overtime talked myself out of some of my greatest gifts because I was full of fear and doubt. But I knew I had something to contribute!

I asked myself: Am I the right person? Is this the right time? Am I really the best person to do this or am I just being cocky? I really doubted by abilities and felt like everytime I’d work up the nerve to try and organize something that I said “Naaa I’ll just write it down and leave it for the right time”. Truth is there is no right time! If you are a young person chances are you are having or have had the same thoughts.

The truth is that young people are full of passion, full of ideas, and full of confidence. It may take a while to get there but I know that once a person finds “their thing” it can change all other aspects of their life. Service to others is the single greatest way I’ve added value to my life!

Life no longer is about just you and your needs but the needs of others and the world around you, and that’s so important.

 So….how will you make a difference?

1. Find a cause. There are so many causes to support and it’s important to know which one you feel most passionate about serving in. Education, health, children, human rights, the environment, hunger, are some examples.

2. Explores issues and concerns within that cause. Is there a current issue of human rights in your neighborhood, city, or state? Is there a international family whose shared stories of hunger in their country and you realize people need to be informed on the topic? Have you realized the need for tutoring students in math at your local elementary school?

3. Find an organization whose mission is to address that cause and concern. Just open up Google and type in (organizations who support (cause) an (concern) in (your city/state).

4. Find their volunteer page and sign up for an upcoming event. It’s time to take action. You’ll either hate it or love it (but chances are you’ll have loved it!)

Trust me when you’re around like minded individuals it’s easy to find a huge burst of energy and to really become more aware of the world around you and how you can help.

Take the champion’s way out and that’s with your head held high! Because when you volunteer, get involved, you CAN make a difference and  you’re WINNING!

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