How to Use Mobile Technology in your Business

We use our smartphones for everything nowadays. It’s probably no surprise that they’re also an effective business tool, helping to improve productivity and connect with new customers. Here are just a few ways in which you can start embracing mobile technology within your business.

Making your website mobile-friendly

More people are using the internet on their phones than on PCs – it’s therefore vital that your website is mobile-friendly. By changing the way your website looks when viewed on a mobile screen, you can make it easier for mobile users to navigate your website and access information. This could include making buttons bigger so that they can be more easily tapped with a finger or increasing the size of text to make your website more readable on a mobile screen.  

Marketing via text message

Many companies are now sending updates to existing clients via text message. This can be more effective than email in some cases as texts are more likely to be read. You can get involved in this form of marketing by using an SMS service that can bulk-text all your clients at the same time. This form of marketing requires you to have your client’s phone number. You should also ensure that you have their permission to text them, as some people may find it an invasion of their privacy.

Accepting mobile payment

A lot of consumers are now paying via mobile payment. You can choose to accept point of sale mobile payments by buying a special scanner much like a card reader. This could help you to expand your payment options and encourage more paying customers. There are even portable mobile payment readers available to buy that are ideal for restaurants, market stall vendors, handymen or events companies.

Making use of apps

There are many apps that can help you to carry out business tasks on the go. In fact, many business software companies also have an app that you can use in conjunction, allowing you to continue your work out of the office. This could allow you more flexibility when working – simply visit the app store and download the apps that you think could be useful for you.

Building your own app

It’s also possible to build your own company app. This could be aimed at you and your employees, or it could be aimed at customers. For example, it could be a training app for new recruits to use or it could be a loyalty card app to help encourage return customers by offering discounts. There are app development companies that can help produce your app for you. The cost of producing an app is likely to vary depending on the complexity – you may be able to create something fairly basic at an affordable price, whilst a more elaborate app could cost thousands.

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