How to Train Your Voice for Your Vision

Over the past few days I’ve reevaluated my empowerment business and have been really trying to focus in on my message this year and next. What would that one message be if I have an opportunity to talk to millions?

Then it occurred to me what would I want to stir up in others? What could I say that’s really life giving? Then it hit me: Do not let your dreams die with you. We all have something that needs to live and breath and exist here on the earth inside of us. Even if you’re just that encouraging friend who always has a positive word, smile, and a hug or if you grow your platform even bigger than that, we need to hear it and see it!

As thought leaders we CANNOT afford to stay silent. People are relying on our voice, ideas,thoughts and strategies to navigate their lives and difficult situations. As a leader you have to speak up even in a world where we are sometimes forced to be silent.

I know personally I listen to about 5 voices daily that encourage me, inspire me to be better, and challenge me NOT to slack off. How many voices do you listen to daily?

There is this myth that exists that the world is too noisy to add yours to the mix but someone needs your message and they need you to be the messenger.

This moves so far beyond creating a social media post and getting upset because only 5 people liked it, it’s about your day to day interactions with people.  Do people have a clear sense about what’s important to you? Do they know where your expertise is?

I hear some people say: You’re good at what others always ask you to do. Please don’t confuse your talent with your gift. You may be talented in one area but you still have gifts that just may not have been shared yet. Push past your talent! Elevate your voice and share your gifts!

Maya Angelou one of the greatest performers, speakers, poets and voices of our time started off silent. As a young girl as a result of being molested at the age of seven, Maya literally thought that her voice killed a man because she spoke up about it. As a result she was a mute for five years.

Do not allow your voice to sit dormant anymore. I’m a woman of faith and I stand firm in my belief that where there is no vision the people perish. Without innovation, creation, renovation and restoration our society will die. We will just be doers and not thinkers and be lost without the flare and energy thought leaders bring to the table.

With each new voice comes a new personality, a new face, a new person to resonate with, new stories to be written and told, and a new visionary is born.

I challenge you today that if that’s been you…open your mouth and speak. Our world needs you!! A leader lives in you, so let that leader live!

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