What Everybody Ought to Know About Business Cards

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Business cards have been around for many years and have always played a huge role when it comes to marketing – especially at places like networking events or just when bumping into someone who could potentially be a client for your business, or also just as a fast and easy way to pass on your contact details.

However, in the digital age, many people have now started to question if business cards are still as valuable as they once were and if they’re even necessary or just something that takes up more space, especially when we consider how we use social media for business these days and how sites like LinkedIn or messaging apps make it easier than ever to get information we need about a business or person and connect with them.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need or want to use business cards in your business, then in this post, we’re going to look at some of the pros and cons you may want to consider so that you can make the right choice.

Pros of business cards:

They get to the point:

Since a business card has a limited amount of space to get your message across, unlike social media or a website where you can add as much information as you want, then you’ll be able to really get to the point quickly which can make a good first and lasting impression.

They stand out:

Nowadays since less and less people are using business cards, you’ll automatically stand out by using one and this is good because it shows you do things a bit differently and it will make you very memorable compared to others who just hand over a Twitter handle or LinkedIn URL.

They save time:

If you’re at a networking event and speaking to multiple people, then simply handing each person you speak to a business card is going to take a lot less time than looking up and typing in things like names on LinkedIn or adding numbers to your phone.

They can be really creative:

Although traditionally business cards used to be pretty plain and boring, things are a lot different now and you can find some incredibly creative designs out there that you can use to make your business cards stand out and really reflect your brand and personality, which also helps you be more memorable to potential clients and those you network with. To have a look at how you can create some of these to match your corporate identity or even to rebrand, take a look at https://www.templafy.com/corporate-identity-management for some ideas and inspiration.

Cons of business cards:

They’re an extra cost:

Although not as expensive as they used to be, and although you can find some pretty great deals online when buying in bulk, they are an extra cost for your business, so it’s only good to get them if you know you’re going to use them.

They can be wasteful:

Obviously business cards are made from paper and may even include elements of plastic, so they’re not exactly the most eco-friendly products. However, if you’re going to get some then you can also look for business cards that are made from recycled materials.

Question: Do you still use business cards? Drop a picture of your card in the comments.

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