Can You Really Run A Solo Business?

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The answer is yes, but you probably shouldn’t. Building your empire is a truly exciting prospect, but even the great Romulus needed support to build Rome. So, while you naturally want to feel in control of the entire venture, it’s imperative that you embrace outside help. This is the only way to maximize your hopes of sustained success.

Why Shouldn’t I Run The Business Alone?

Running a business all by yourself may seem like the ultimate way to maintain control and reduce the costs associated with having a team. However, even the likes of Bill Gates and Alan Sugar are supported by talented staff members. Visit to learn more about the number of employees at major organizations. It’s fascinating reading.

This is because going it alone can hinder your progress in many ways, including;

  • The speed of productivity will be far too slow for the level of progress you want.

  • The quality of work will suffer because you will have weaknesses like anybody else.

  • The desire to save money will backfire while revenue drops too.

  • The client interactions will suffer badly.

  • The opportunities to establish a good work-life balance will be virtually non-existent.

Essentially, you owe it to yourself as well as the business to find that winning support.

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What Type Of Help Is Available?

Depending on the nature of your business, outside help can come from many different sources and cover a range of daily tasks. The key is to analyze your venture thoroughly to determine where your staffing budget will be best spent. After all, no entrepreneur has a limitless cash resource.

In truth, though, outside support can aid your business in many ways. Here are just some of the people you may want to use;

  • Graphic designers that can make your business look professional and stand out from the crowd. This is done with business cards, websites, and interior layouts. Appearances count for everything.

  • Salespeople and customer care teams that will handle the bulk of interactions with your clients. If they can build up a rapport with the customers, sales revenue should soar.

  • IT specialists that can promote greater productivity, security and collaboration. Visit to learn more about the possibilities. No business can avoid modern tech.

  • Accountants and admin staff that can ensure the company is legally complicit and on strong financial ground. This lets you focus on actively driving the venture in the right direction.

  • Affiliates that can bring extra customers to your business by promoting its products and services. Their impartial words often carry far greater weight than your marketing campaigns. Here is a great guide on Affiliate Marketing.

Further help can come from a range of sources including permanent staff, remote workers, and outside contractors. Many hands make light work, and it will fire your business to far greater outcomes.

The Final Word

If you are still plotting your rise to the top, there’s nothing wrong with conducting the planning phases alone. Once your business is operational, however, going it alone simply isn’t an option. The right employees and contractors will be your greatest asset.   

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