Your Business Strategy Needs To Include Everyone In Your Organization

Many companies think that their business strategy is something limited to leadership and C-suite. Company bosses plan the direction of the company, and then set up project areas and department teams in pursuit of those goals. But this is a very top-down approach that rarely has the desired effect in the real world. You can’t just command an organization without the specific people in the hierarchy knowing why they’re doing what they’re doing. There needs to be a level of understanding. 

Smart business strategy is different. It focuses on ensuring that each member of an organization fundamentally understands what they’re trying to achieve. When a person knows the objectives of the firm and why those objectives are important, then they are in a better position to make decisions, both large and small, that will benefit the company overall. 

Today, internal strategic communications are more crucial than ever. Worrying statistics suggest that only 33 percent of US employees are “engaged” in the workplace, and more than 16 percent of them are continually miserable. 

Effective communication between management and employees can remedy the problem. Figures suggest that the more clearly the top brass communicate with their employees, the better than individuals feel about what they’re doing. Communicating values actually appears to give people in your organization a purpose. 

The following infographic shows how businesses can improve their strategy through better internal and external communication standards. The better that companies can communicate their values, business model, and plan for the future, the more successful they will be. 

Infographic by University of Southern California

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