Classroom Website Sale

Classroom Teachers get ready!!! Jumpstart your school year with a dynamic classroom website. Your classroom website should be the central spot for communications between home and school.

I’ll create a WordPress website for you that accurately depicts the grade level and subject you teach. Your site will include:

  • “About the Teacher” page,
  • Resources and Links
  • “In our classroom” page which lists classroom expectations, standards for your grade level (printable), classroom handbook (custom one for you), digital copies of forms that you may need to have parents print out and complete on back to school night
  • Classroom Contact page (with form that if completed will send you an email for easy access)
  • Parent Volunteer page and electronic form

For an additional fee I can also set up:

  • Remind (a classroom texting program)
  • MailChimp (to develop an electronic classroom newsletter)
  • Additional pages relevant to your school/subject/grade/personal preference

Order your website between now and July 10th I can create it for $50 which is half off my normal rate for you being a proactive teacher! (Hands raising the roof lol)

my pleasure to help.

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  1. Deborah Burke Johnson July 2, 2017at6:20 pm

    Great idea. I am not an educator, but I would have loved for my kids teachers to have a communication tool like this. I am a Girl Scout Volunteer with multiple troops and interest groups . Looking for a way to communicate with everyone. Looking to rev up my communications this coming school year.

    1. reginacoley July 2, 2017at6:34 pm

      Well you still communicate with parents so I think this will be a wonderful tool for you to use Deborah!!

  2. Melissa Moses July 13, 2017at2:48 am

    I miss the deadline to purchase the website for $50 so how much is it now?

    1. reginacoley July 13, 2017at3:14 am

      Hello Melissa! I sent you an email regarding the sale. 🙂


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