Here’s Why Your Online Store Struggles To Convert


You’ve got an online store, but it seems as though you’re struggling to convert your traffic. People land on your site, but they’re not buying anything. Why is this happening to you? Many reasons and factors come into play, but here are the three biggest reasons your online store struggles to convert:

It’s too hard to check out

The whole structure of your store should be organized around making it as easy as possible for a customer to get through to the checkout. There should be no barriers in place – in fact, you should present them with options to speed up the checkout process if they like! Your site might not be converting because it’s too hard for people to check out and make a purchase. 

Issues can be diverse, and they range from technical problems with your buttons to security concerns. Firstly, ensure you have SSL encryption on your site to make the checkout safe. Secondly, offer express checkouts so people can literally go to their basket and pay in one or two clicks. The harder you make it for someone to check out, the fewer conversions you’ll see. 

It’s too slow

A slow website is a big problem for businesses, but a slow online store is a major issue. If your store is too slow, the bounce rate will skyrocket. This means that people might visit your store, but it takes too long to load, so they lose interest and go elsewhere. You could drive potential customers right into the hands of your rivals because your store isn’t fast enough! 

Clearly, this is an issue you need to correct. There are many reasons your website might be slow, and making stores faster can be achieved via lots of different solutions. Whether this means changing your server/host or optimizing your site, you have to work out how to make it as fast as possible. 

You’re attracting the wrong traffic

Your store could be super quick and have a streamlined checkout process that’s absolutely perfect. But, why is it still struggling to convert all the traffic it receives? It’s simple, your marketing strategy targets the wrong traffic!

You’re generating a lot of clicks and visitors, but they’re not your target market. So, you end up with inflated traffic stats but hardly any sales. Why does this happen? Sometimes, you try so hard to generate traffic that you forget about the importance of targeted traffic. Go back to the drawing board and develop a better marketing strategy that ensures the right people visit your site. Once you start targeting the right traffic, you will see conversions go up. 

The good news is that you can always make changes to your store and adapt it to improve your conversion rate. Hope is not lost; simply make adjustments and put your online store into a much better position to convert. As a very brief overview, a good online store will attract the right traffic, be extremely quick at loading every page, and present an easy way for people to check out. 

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