Effective Ways to Build your Online Audience

Building an audience online doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, you can go viral and gain over 1000 or more in a few hours, but you’ve then got to keep that momentum going. That’s hard if you’ve not got an online presence plan to follow! As such, you need a more sustainable way to build your follower count, to eventually have a good portion of people to convert into paying customers. And with the tips below, you’ll be able to effectively do just that. 



Target the Channels Used Most


Some of your online channels are going to be used more than others. If you’re focusing on all of them, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You need to focus on the channel that brings the most traffic your way, and the discount the ones that barely any people either follow you on or find you through. So if you’re on Facebook but your target audience aren’t, get off Facebook!


Use Landing Pages for Extra Value


Landing pages are great for posing special offers to specific portions of an audience, and when you’re trying to build up your audience, it’s best to deploy these to full effect. You can design various different landing pages all at once and then use them throughout the year to encourage people to click through to your website. Make sure there’s a clear way to contact you featured on all pages, and make sure they’re oriented to send a clear message about just how good the offer is! 


Pick and Choose the Perfect Influencers


If you’re going to attract a retentive following, you’re going to want the help of an influencer or two. And picking and choosing the right people for the job needs to take time! You need to know you’ve chosen someone with good online credit, who is treated as an expert in their particular niche, and has a large enough following to pull a small portion from. 


A person with 100,000 followers is a good target – even 10% of their audience clicking on your sponsored link means you’ve got 10,000 new leads. But before you reach out to anyone, make sure you’ve got a good contract! Indeed, you’ll need a social media lawyer on your side to ensure you put together mutually beneficial terms that won’t pose any problems. 


Never Ignore Feedback


Finally, it’s best to take every comment or review left on a post or a product as a good sign. Even if it’s a negative sentiment, it’s still something you can use as constructive criticism. If a person experiences a problem, you’ll want to make sure no one else experiences the same thing! So act fast, and make sure you’re always open for both good and bad comments. Yes, they might be hard to read, but they’re important to take into account. 


Building an online audience takes at least 6 months of work. So take your time! Use the tips above to get started and go from there. 

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