Twas the Night Before Inauguration

The Obama’s are resting comfortably on their pillows tonight soaking in every last detail of the White House and probably reflecting on a job well done. There are some tonight are at home crying about what tomorrow will bring as we induct a new president in these United States.

However I challenge you not to feel fear, regret, doubts, or anger. I challenge you to get ready. The blessed thing the Obama’s have done is set a BEAUTIFUL example of leadership, class, grace, work, relationship building, servant leadership, and public speaking. They have taught us how to gather people around issues that are important in our communities and neighborhoods and to do the work.

As with any great leader, they’ve created many more leaders. That’s us! We now have to say to ourselves it’s time to do the work. What’s still important to me? What’s still important in my community? What’s still important for advocacy, funding, and conversation?

We’ve been shown the way now it’s up to us to go the way! So tonight I go to bed with a smile on my face because regardless of what goes on in this world, I’m reminded of what I have that can never be taken away and that’s a passion for serving my community and the courage to do so.

Find your passion, find your voice, and let’s get out here and continue to carry the torch for our communities and those who are depending on us!

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