Connect with Other Women in Their Callings at Cultivators Conference

The Cultivators Conference is an annual conference offering professional training to women who teach, encourage and lead. The Cultivators Conference combines worship and workshops led by professionals on topics designed to equip women in all aspects of their call to teach. The Cultivators Conference offers a place to connect with other women who are pursuing their callings. Top Five Reasons to Attend Professional training that…

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Today ONLY! $3 Home Workbooks

Parents of young children (early childhood, K-3). Don’t miss out on this amazing sale from Carson Delosa on their home workbooks for just $3.00 today only. Everything from cursive writing,  spelling, reading comprehension, and puzzle games. These would be great for practice or Christmas gifts. Shop Now! Today ONLY! $3 Home Workbooks. Use Promo Code: GOLDSTAR at checkout.  

3 Online Course Platforms

There are hundreds of websites out there that you could create your course on but it is hard to know which ones are the best for you. Some have amazing grade book software but hard to use creativity tools and others have the exact opposite. However, these three are ones that really do have it all.   1) Teachable Teachable is a well-known course creator…

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Why You Should Start An Online Business As A Stay At Home Mom

A lot of stay at home moms like the idea of working from home and getting involved in Internet Marketing to make money. There are a lot of benefits to starting and running an online business from home so in this article, we will discuss some of the major ones to help you to decide if it is right for you or not. You can…

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How To Keep Your Children Occupied While You Work On Your Online Business

Starting and running an online business is appealing to a lot of stay at home moms. They are able to work from home and be there for their children when they need their mom. But having kids to look after can be a real challenge while you are trying to work on your online business. (Just ask any parent who had to do school and…

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Why You Should Offer Packages and Tiers for Your Products and Services

One of the most important things you can do to make more sales online is to divide your offering into smaller offerings and tiers. This simple change can help you to generate many more sales, and to earn more from each of those sales as well. To show how this works, let’s imagine that you offer a service as a programmer. You started out a…

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5 Content Formats To Produce To Build Brand Awareness and Increase Sales

How well you sell depends little on your sales page or the design of your eCommerce store. While this can make a difference, the truth is that your audience has already decided whether they are going to buy from you, based on emotional factors that are unrelated to how you design your drop-down menus! People buy things because they want to feel a certain way….

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Awesome Tips for Homeschooling Your Children

Homeschooling your kids is one of the wisest decisions you can ever make as a parent (pre and post-pandemic) and since you have already decided to homeschool your child, we will not get into great details about the advantages of going that route. Homeschooling your children is a great way of helping them enjoy their studies more so they can attain better grades and keep…

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A Parent’s Guide to Creating Quality Time

Spending quality time with your child has more to do with ordinary daily life than fancy parties and complicated projects. It’s simple and meaningful interactions, like bedtime stories and family dinners, that are essential for your child’s development and future relationships. In today’s homes, we are spending ALOT more time together than ever (which could or could not be driving you insane right now). The truth…

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