Critical Life Skills That Every Child Needs To Thrive

Whether you are a parent or an educator, you will want to help facilitate the learning that kids need not just to succeed in the classroom, but also to thrive in the modern world. Of course, this can be a complicated and challenging task, but the following skills below are a great place to begin.

Teaching your child to thrive is crucial for their happiness.

How to listen to their own inner voice

Children in our era have a lot of pressure put on them. It comes from home, from their peers, from school, from church, and increasingly from online platforms such as social media. A topic you can read more about at What this means in that they are inundated with standards for doing things that are often contrary, confusing, and sometimes even negative as well.

This is why it’s so important to foster a sense of self in children, and this means getting them to be able to listen to what their inner voice is saying. Yes, we can get too caught up in ensuring the stick to all the rules in life and do what they are told.  

However, actually learning to evaluate decisions for themselves and take responsibility for these is also a crucial part of the process of maturing. It’s also one that they will need to master as well if they are to thrive in the world as they grow.

How to manage money

Next, do remember that while studying and getting good grades is always essential, so is being able to manage money in a real life situation as well. Sadly, many kids don’t get the opportunity to understand how budgets, wages, saving, and investments work before they are launched into a financially predatory world that will offer them deals that can affect their financial well being for years afterward.

To that end, educating and providing practice situations for kids to use budgets, and investigate saving and invests is crucial, as is ensuring that they know what to do when money is tight.

Something that can include applying for financial aid if they’re in school, finding alternative forms of income like the ones discussed at, and even calling their banks or credit card company to negotiate a better payment plan. After all, there are very few adults that go through life without ever being in a financially challenging situation, and that makes learning how to get out of these as quickly as possible as a child a hugely valuable lesson.   

How to say no

People pleasing is something of an epidemic in modern society. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult to say no to even friends and family, let alone those that are in a position of power around us. However, when it comes to being a yes person, the ultimate destination is always far away from when you really want to be, and this what we need to install on our youth today.

To that end, educating them on how to say no assertively, but not rude is crucial. Also, remember to emphasize that they do not have to explain themselves to anyone while doing so either, and this should help them substantially in their present and future.


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