QuickFire Tips to Step-Up Your Sales

Want to sell more items online? Buckle in: we’re going to run through 10 tips in less than 400 words to provide maximum bang for your buck. No nonsense, just more sales. Let’s Go!

Offer a $1 Product

Selling a $1 product (or similarly cheap item) is a fantastic way to build trust in your sales system and to save the details of your buyers. Now you can much more easily convince them to buy something more valuable.

Use Red Buy Buttons

Color psychology dictates that this will increase conversions.

Offer a Discount

Discounts let you play with prices but also create a sense of urgency.

Have a Countdown Timer

If you do have a countdown timer or if you have limited supply, then adding a countdown timer can really create a sense of urgency that will drive more sales.

Tell the Whole Story in Your Headers

People browsing the web have very little time to spend reading dense blocks of text. By using headers that tell the entire story, you make your content highly skimmable. This can make a big difference to the number of people who actually read it, and therefore buy.

Improve Page Speed

A slow site is driving away customers. Not only does it force them to wait and potentially, therefore, leave if they are impatient, but it also hurts your SEO AND it makes your site appear less well-made and thus less trustworthy.

Think About Intent in Your Marketing

When using SEO and other marketing strategies, don’t just think about volume. Target your audience specifically. Moreover, think about the intent ads that target people that are looking to buy will always be the most successful.

Use Video

A video on your sales page can make a gigantic impact and drive sales to a massive degree. That’s because a video is naturally highly engaging and has the ability to create emotions that lead to sales. Videos also prevent the viewer from needing to work, as they can absorb the content passively.

Research the Competition

If you sell a product or products in a certain niche, then you should spend time looking at the way that the competition sells that product. What is working for them? Who are you up against? More importantly, how can you stand out?

Persuasion Matters

Persuasion is everything you do leading up to the moment you try to sell. This is extremely important and under-valued!

Question: Did any of these work for you? Let me know in the comments below.


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