Why You Should Offer Packages and Tiers for Your Products and Services

One of the most important things you can do to make more sales online is to divide your offering into smaller offerings and tiers. This simple change can help you to generate many more sales, and to earn more from each of those sales as well.

To show how this works, let’s imagine that you offer a service as a programmer. You started out a while ago and needed to make a name for yourself, so you set your price extremely low. Today, you work harder than anyone else for a tiny fee: but you’re afraid that if you put your prices up, you’ll scare away your existing clients.

So, what do you do?

One simple option is to offer tiers. Tell your clients that you will continue to offer the service at that price, but that you can’t include comments anymore, and you won’t offer bug fixes past a certain date. However, if they wish to get those features and a whole lot more, they can pay for your “premium tier” and get the best service possible. That includes comments, bug fixes, but also cross-platform development, priority Turn Around Times, and free stock graphics.

This simple change is ideal, as you are asking for money but while also offering more value. You also include an option for those clients that can’t afford to pay you the new rate.

This also means that when someone lands on your website, consider hiring your services, they will see that you have multiple options available and they will be able to choose the one that bests suits them! (For an example check out my Grant Writing Packages page)

The same thing works for products too. By having different versions of the same product, you can ensure you don’t lose customers that can’t afford the higher-ticket item, but you also get the most profit possible from those that can.

For example, if you have an eBook that offers information on making money online, you could consider selling one version of the eBook that only includes the main book and another that comes with lots of additional materials!

Likewise, if you have a lot of products for sale through an eCommerce store, why not include an option to buy a “gift bundle” that includes multiple items at a lower price. This bulk-buy option provides good value for your audience, and it allows you to potentially convince people to spend more than they otherwise would.

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