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Have you visited the Cloud recently? Not sure what we’re talking about? Then you’re missing out on the latest system of working that business experts claim is providing greater workflow, better security and access for your business.

Cloud-based working is fast becoming the way of the future and predictions are that most businesses, small to large, will soon make use of systems that free up their office space and allow access to important files and documents no matter where you’re working.

We take a look at some of the advantages of Cloud-based computing and what it might mean to your business.


In terms of cost this is where the Cloud system wins hands down. In short this system provides a much more cost effective IT solution than the traditional approaches.

You simply don’t need huge piles of hardware to keep your network going, you don’t even need an office space as everyone in your team will be able to access your shared files online. You’ll cut down on storage, electricity and office rental if you choose to go fully Cloud compliant.

You might already be capitalizing on your Electronic Workflow by using online document storage but transferring your entire network to Cloud computing is the last step towards lowering the running costs of your organization.


With a reliable platform fully managed by your vendor, you’ll have access to high security and IT support services 24/7. The days of having to ring around IT support companies for help will be long gone.

Are there any real disadvantages to Cloud computing? There are one or two issues that need considering before signing up.

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While you have unlimited access to your files and important documents you might feel that you’re having to place a great deal of trust in a vendor outside your organization. You might find it frustrating when your system crashes for reasons outside of your control or when there are technical glitches that you have no power over.


You might also find that you’re placing a great deal of trust in the security of your Cloud computing in a vendor’s hands. How do you really know how robust their antivirus software is or how strong their defenses are against hackers? You don’t so this will take some getting used to.

On balance the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages but there are always things you should bear in mind before fully transitioning to Cloud-based storage in your business.

Being able to access all your information on the go is fast becoming essential for the modern entrepreneur who conducts business from cafes, shared working sites and from home as well as at the office.

Freeing up storage space and reducing the need for clunky hardware helps hugely in reducing utility and rental bills and allows staff greater freedom to work remotely rather than tied to an onsite network.

Consider Cloud-computing something to aim for in the life of your business, do the research and get involved in a movement that will soon become the norm.

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